NYC by PERLINA Handbags for Target

  1. I'm sure these are fairly new, but has anyone bought one of these bags yet? Apparently, you can only get them online (I wonder if the response is good, if they will offer them in stores?). It looks like most of them are real leather, although a few are microfiber.

    I kinda like the Dome Satchel Organizer for $50 (it says it's pebbled, butter-soft leather)

    Or the Dome Satchel for $40.
    They come in black too - I really like the Large Drawstring Tote in Champaign ($45), but it's not leather - it's microfiber w/leather trim (it also comes in a smaller size for $40, and both are available in black)
  2. I've always liked the Perlina brand - they've done some neat handbags with great organizational abilities that I've enjoyed in the past. Target just kills me - :smile:
  3. Coincidentally, I ordered all of these, so I could have a look.

    The microfiber one is nice, IMO. Decent quality. But I didn't keep it (I have too many da*n bags!)

    The middle one, neither the color (not bright, not deep red, jsut a blah red) nor style did much for me, but I liked the finish of the leather, I don't like highly glazed, this one seemed just right. Too bad in other respects the puse seemd bland to me.

    The top pictured bag, I actually like, and kept it in the black - because I was not able right now to spend a lot of money, and wanted a 'domed' satchel, of which this is an approximation :smile: It has a detachable shoulder strap, which is nice.

    BUT - while the leather is pebbled, it is no way buttery soft.

    In fact all the the bags of this line that I have examined, have rather stiff leather to them, Definitely don't feel expensive!

    Still, for the price, I think they are cute and a great addition to Target's attempts to make decent quality, stylish things.

    And there's my review for the day :tup:
  4. Not bad, I like perlina so its kind of cool for target to continue on their bag department.
  5. I have a Perlina bag that I love and the leather is beautiful as well as the design.

    I know the point of their designing at Target is to create accessibility for all budgets, but I don't think those compare well enough to the original Perlina line for me to go and buy one. I would also have to see it in person.
  6. Thanks so much chessmont! I was seriously thinking about ordering that first one because I like the shape/size and the thought of "buttery leather" for $50 seemed like a good deal. Thanks for the heads up on the leather. I think I'll hold off for now (maybe if they go on sale later on). You'll have to keep us posted & let us know whether or not it softens up over time w/age & use.

    I do like the drawstring bag, but I'd rather have an all leather bag than microfiber w/leather trim. Too bad they didn't do that. I would have even been willing to pay a little more if it had been all leather.
  7. --I was just feeling up the bag a little (LOL) and maybe I judged a little too critically. The leather is not supersoft, but it's not like cardboard. I suspect if it is used a lot, it will soften up nicely. But I have enough bags that it won't get that amount of use.

    I saw a nice leather bag of a slightly similar style to the drawstring on the Tusk website. It also comes in microfiber with leather trim. The bag also reminded me very much of the Gerard Darel 24 hrs that everyone was talking about. Much more expensive than Target but a whole lot less than GD :smile:
  8. that drawstring bag actually reminds me of Anna Corinna drawstring bag. When I first saw it, I got excited, until I clicked on the description and saw it was microfiber:sad: