NYC Bloomingdales Consolidation Sale - Up to 85% off

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  1. I only looked at designer clothes (Armani, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, etc.) and it 50% off the clearance price! still some things left, but not much if you don't hurry.

    I'm sure that if they're doing this sale for apparel, they'll do something similar for shoes and bags...maybe for less percentage off.
  2. Was in NYC the past few days...Some fun finds in contemporary as well as a Rachel Pally cardigan for a total of 70% off at the Bloomies in Soho. :biggrin:
  3. Do we need a coupon, or are the prices as marked? I am going to have to take a ride to see what I can find :graucho:
  4. No coupon for me; there were signs with different markdowns (addl 40% off etc). SAs at 59th offered 10% off for NYC visitors
  5. Hello Ladies,

    What about bag and shoes?
  6. The additonal 50% officially starts monday on designer collections
    Burberry ( Hardly anything a few cute dresses down from 400 - 695 to about 150, few jeans 80 or so, and other misc items from the spring line).
    Chanel ( Nice additional discount on these items there were blouses black or cream with a little cc embossed for as low as 150 after the additional 50 off Orig price was 1100.)
    Again two days ago there was barely anything left in these two departments.
    Lots of Missioni for additional 40% off already reduced prices.
  7. oh my... thsx for for psoting....