NYC Barneys Warehouse Sale 2/14 - 3/2

  1. Everyone's a winner at the Barneys New York Warehouse Sale

    Thursay, February 14th thru Sunday, March 2nd.

    50 - 75% off regular prices on our selection of the finest designer clothing, shoes and accessories for men and women & gifts for the home

    Weekdays 10am - 9pm
    Weekends 10am - 7pm

    10% off that day's purchases when you open a Barney's New York credit card. Existing card members earn points toward free stuff.

    255 W. 17th Street. 212-450-8400, between 7th and 8th Avenues
  2. i thought it starts earlier on Feb 14 .. like 7-8 am lol
  3. it starts at 8 am on the 14th and 15th... i m going to try going!!!
  4. Read my invite too quickly in all this excitement!

    On Thursday, 2/14 and Friday, 2/15, the doors will open early, at 8am - 9pm!
    After those dates, the times below will apply.

  5. Has anybody gone yet? I'm so angry with myself. I set my alarm for 5 AM so I could head on over by 6:30-7 AM to wait on line (lol!) and go in and out before heading to work... but then I hit snooze and woke up at 7:30 haha.

    Can anybody PLEASE report back from the sale! I might make a quick run on my lunch break (would have to take the subway there LOL!)

    Particularly: what kinds of handbags are on sale and at what prices?? And WHERE is the handbag section so I know where to run to? (I've never made it early enough before handbags were sold out hahah)

    REPORTS PLEASE TIA!!! :heart:
  6. Just got in from the Barneys Warehouse sale in NYC. And boy what it is freezing!! I got there around 7 and was maybe the 20th person on line.

    They are being super strict about checking your bag this year- so make sure to bring a small one. After being debriefed, "NO BITING, NO HITTING, NO ELBOWING, NO SCRATCHING. NAME CALLING ALLOWED, BUT LETS KEEP IT CLEAN LADIES," the rush went in.

    Down to the details,

    NO BAGS!!! there was only barney's label bags, none of which I thought looked cute at all :crybaby:

    But lots of clothes at decent prices, good dress selection. Great show selection. Now mind you, the prices are the same as the final sale at Barney stores- so don't expect anything for $20.

    I got a 3.1 phillip lim dress for $152- from $527 and a pair of skinny Rag and Bone jeans for $79- originally $242.

    I've done better- but I've done a lot worse. Definitely worth a walk over to if your looking for clothes! Remember to wear some stocking or leggings with a cami for trying things on- there were boobs flying everywhere this morning! :popcorn:

    Good luck ladies!
  7. Same here!
    No bags at all. Nice shoes and clothing selection, but the prices are not so impressive. I did much better at Saks, bloomie, and NM this year. But I never walk away with nothing. lol I picked up a few dresses with labels that I didn't recognize for about $150 each.
  8. is posting real-time updates about crowd and selection (but no prices).

    does anyone know how much the kate moss for topshop dresses were going for? the red or green one-shoulder chiffon dresses?
  9. I love racked's sale posts. (There were so many of those dresses in that photo.) I think either color would be great for whenever summer finally arrives. I'm hoping there'll be a few left later today.

    The last thing I did before I left the house this morning was put my barney's charge card in my wallet. :yahoo:
  10. ^^ the kate moss stuff their was a ton of and no one even looked at it- it's even an additional 25% off- the only stuff in the whole sale that has a further markdown:roflmfao:
  11. It's because it's horrible quality!!

    I'm not going to be in NY until the 28th Feb, will it even be worth my while to go that late in the sale?
  12. the sale rarely gets better but once in a while they will do add'l markdowns for the stuff thats been picked over

    creighbaby, LOL. loves it!

  13. May as well pay it a visit as I'm going to be there
  14. i actually ordered the green kate moss dress from topshop direct when the season launched, but i returned it because the size was weird (i'm usually a topshop 4 but i couldn't zip it up because of the boning). but i was all ready to pay full price for it!

    i am actually going to wait until later on in the sale to go, because the crowds in the first day or two are awful. so much grabbing and shoving and fighting over clothes!
  15. I got there around 7:15am and was 20-something-th in line. Pretty cold but bearable if you wore hats and gloves. Bag check is stricter this year. You'll most likely have to check your bag unless you have a teeny purse. When I was leaving the store, I saw all these Miu Miu totes and satchels smushed together :sad:

    The bag selection was pretty bad - I think they were all barney's branded.

    Didn't pay too much attention to denim but I think they had a varying selection, lots of wide legs.

    The clothing selection was pretty good but it may all be picked over by now. I picked up a Rebecca Taylor dress for $130, which I'm happy with. I saw a couple of more items I liked being tried on by other women, but they ended up taking them! Boo hoo.

    Shoes - lots of Marc Jacobs. Shoes were $175+ from what I remember.

    I guess it's worth another visit once the crowds die down.