NYC Barneys Sample Sale - Worth it???

  1. To all you New Yorkers who went to it worth it for me to go?? Is there anything good left? I'll be in town this weekend...and I need to plan my shopping destinations strategically!!!

    Thanks!! :P
  2. It isn't a sample sale. I went last weekend and picked up a few nice items and will go back this weekend because there should be bigger markdowns. (Higher markdowns will mean longer lines and bigger crowds.) There aren't any bags left, but there are lots of shoes and boots, dresses and coats from last season and the current season.
  3. Wow...I will definitely try to go then...are the lineups really bad?
  4. I have never been on a line for the Warehouse sale in all the years going, and I went on the second day this year! Just beware of scary pushy girls playing Carrie on SATC!

    There's hardly ever any decent accessories, maybe a few scarves, and this year the selection of clothes was odd. LOTS of MbMJ and other Co-op brands, and a whole lot of Lanvin from Dover Street STreet Market in London -- the really high-end stuff was still really expensive. But I picked up a clack silk chiffon top and matching lace and chiffon skirt from Wyeth for a nice price.
  5. I picked up some nice business casual pieces from rebecca taylor. I went back today for the markdowns and got 2 cashmere sweaters. Definitely worth checking out!
  6. Thanks pointie and kitty! Hopefully I'll have time to fit the Barneys sale in! Really looking forward to Woodbury though... :graucho:
  7. I went to the Barney's WH sale in LA and can't say that I was impressed... I did go to the outlet a couple week laters and I found great deals on MBMJ, Liquid, Coop, and Juicy. 1/2 off the last sale price to be exact, it turned out cheaper than the WH sale.
  8. I went to the sale Friday after work and the markdowns are good, but there's not as much left as there usually is at this time. Shoes are 50% off, women's clothes are 60% off, and items stamped with "RED" are 40% off. RED items are the high-end lines such as lanvin, rochas and giorgio armani. There are a lot of Lanvin dresses.
  9. I went Saturday, was way overcrowded, it seemed like the junk was left and long long lines. Definitely wasn't the effort.
  10. Oh thank goodness I didn't bother then. I hit Jersey Gardens on Saturday, 5th Avenue and Macy's on Sunday, Woodbury on Monday, and Waterloo Premium Outlets on Tuesday...there was no time left for the Barney's Warehouse sale!!!