nyc balenciaga store inventory update

  1. okay, gals, i found myself wandering over there again today & ended up exchanging my blueberry twiggy for a black city :love: ...i was starting to have 2nd thoughts about the blueberry & have wanted a city for a while now...i'm one of the weirdos who love the old leather & thought i'd better get one now before the new shipment comes in :amuse: ...btw, the new leather is much different than the old, thicker & not as distressed...i already have 1 twiggy & find that it fills up faster than i would, so many of you gals said the city is the best bag for, below is a photo of my new miss black city!!!...and while i was there, the lovely sarah helped me out & filled me in on the latest inventory...they're open 'till 5pm today if you wanna give her a call (212-206-0872):

    every color except truffle :P

    black (lots of 'em from spring/summer '06)
    truffle (new)
    cement (new)

    blueberry (the one i brought back)
    forest green (new)
    oxblood (new)
    DSCF2221 REV.jpg DSCF2214.jpg
  2. the city looks great and it is a classic bbag! congrats!

    So what's the total count on your collection now? I think we need to see a family pic of all your gorgeous bags!!

    BTW, did they have the day in any of the new colors?
  3. Yay for black!! Believe it or not my black city happens to be one of my most favorite out of my entire collection. No stressing on dirt!! And it just looks great in black!
  4. yipeeeeeee...congrats honey!!!!!! :love:
  5. awe, thanks so much addictedtopurses, i'm glad you don't think i'm crazy :wacko: ...sarah completely understood my thinking too...unfortunately, she said they haven't gotten any new colors in the bigger bags yet :smile:
  6. Aaalibama -- congratulations on your new black city! I hope you didn't get mine :smile: I'm still trying to decide whether I should exchange my cement (griege) city for a black or blueberry city!
  7. yippy, thanks so much everyone for the congrats on my decision...i figured that i didn't have a city yet & getting one in black, i just couldn't go wrong since it's such a classic :yes:

    p.s. i got the 1st one sarah brought out, which was really distressed tkingny!!!
  8. I have been thinking about the black City lately. Definitely need to add this to my "eventually" list. But first I must have the blue-grey! What did you not like about the blueberry? Was it just the Twiggy size, or was the color an issue?
  9. Thanks so much for the update. I am in Seattle so it is hard to drop into a Balenciaga boutique, I must live vicariously through all the New Yorkers.
    Your new bag is beautiful.
  10. welp, i think it was a combination of wanting something with a strap that could hold more than my twiggy...and also not being sure about the color & the new leather :rolleyes:
  11. Aw you returned your beautiful twiggy? But at least you still got a b-bag!! I think a black city is really classic too. It just looks so chic and perfect and.. *sigh* I'm just infatuated with all b-bags in general. hehe

    Were there a lot of blueberry twiggys in stock? I think I'm going to be calling next week after my funds have transferred from paypal to my bank account... And by "ALL" for the first, does that mean that the new colors are available in the first size too? (Like blueberry, grenat, greige (?)..)

    Thanks so much for the update! I wish I lived close by to the store... I think I'd go every day and drop by. I've always wondered what the store looks like inside.. someone said it's more like an art gallery than a store?
  12. He he he! You are you right about it being a classic (part of why I'm thinking of exchanging mine for black. Enjoy!!
  13. Congrats! It sounds like you are very happy with your decision. I have a black city as it!

    Did you take a look at the truffle city or oxblood twiggy? If so, what did you think of the colors?
  14. okay, let's see, i'll try & answer all your questions...kattiepie, i think the only blueberry twiggy they have is the one i just returned :yes:...and yes, sarah said they have all the new colors in the first style (i think the "fire engine red" might be my fave :heart: )...SoCal, the truffle city was nice if you want a mushroom brown bag...i didn't see the oxblood twiggy, but i've seen it in the first & the color is very similiar to bordeaux :smile:
  15. tkingny, are you looking for the old leather or the new leather (?)...if you want a distressed bag, get a city from the current stock...but if you want the new leather, you might wanna wait for the new shipment ;)