NY to get shoe store so big it has own ZIP code

  1. Don't know if it has been posted before:

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York's famed Saks Fifth Avenue department store plans to open a shoe department so big it has been granted its own ZIP code, 10022-SHOE, the company said on Thursday.

    Saks said it plans to nearly double the number of shoes for sale and take over the entire eighth floor of its flagship store in Manhattan. The expanded department will open in September under the name 10022-SHOE.
    "10022-SHOE will also hold a place in U.S. history as the first floor to be granted its own designated ZIP code by the United States Post Office," Saks said in a statement.
    The news may delight women with shoe obsessions to rival that of former Philippines first lady Imelda Marcos.
    "Visitors to the new eighth floor will be greeted by a seemingly endless array of shoes," the statement said.
  2. Yes and I can't wait!!! It is supposed to be 9000 sf of shoes. Plus it will have and express elevator right to the floor.
  3. Wow, this is very exciting and also crazy, I can't even fathom the size it will be! Thanks for sharing
  4. My shoe SA at Saks told me about the expansion some time ago, but the fact that it has its own dedicated zipcode is insane! I heard it's due to open some time in August.
  5. That's so cool!
  6. OMG that's awesome !!! A shoe lover's dream. :graucho:
  7. OMG that's going to be heaven! I already get lightheaded when I walk into DSW, I think I would faint in Saks!

    The zip code thing has to be for publicity, I mean how can a floor of a building have a zip code? Wouldn't the entire building have to be covered under the same zip code?
  8. I, for one, hope to take a vacation to this new zip code!
  9. Sorry for the double thread post!

    yeah I hope I can go sometime when it opens.
  10. i so want to live in NY!!
  11. I can't wait to visit this zip code...
  12. that sounds so cool!
  13. Oh wow. I think I might just have to make the 8 hour trip down there to see this new store. (And make a few purchases as well! lol.)
  14. OMG how on earth do they then expect us to make a decision :shrugs:

  15. omg.. i'm going shoe crazy!