NY Times article: Retailers Limit Purchases of Designer Handbags

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  1. Thank you for sharing the article.

    I think it's great news and long overdue!:yes: I completely support, "Retailers Limit Purchases of Designer Handbags." :tup:

    The hoarding of items and reselling them is something I loathe and can bring out the worst behavior in some people and reminds me of the scene in the book "Generation of the Vipers" and the women at a fabric sale.
  2. They are only doing it to protect their own profit margins in their overseas stores.
    I somewhat agree with limits on items that are very limited in production or availability (like the Wii or limited edition handbags), but not on everyday items.
    But all limits have ways of being beat! Stand in line with 5 friends to get the Wii (pay them $20 each but you can resell on eBay for 100-300$ more), use multiple CCs, use different shipping addresses, etc.

    It's kind of like the people who cry on December 15th that all the Wiis are gone and only available on eBay. Well, if it meant so much to you or your kid...you should have bought it months ago (odds are a major item like this the kids would have been whining about it for months on end).

    Same with people who whine that their limited edition bag is sold out. Well, if you really wanted it that badly, then you would have taken 5 minutes to call the store and waitlist. And if you still didn't get it after doing that, then you didn't waitlist early enough.

    Now people from overseas are catching on, and so long as they are not buying them to take to the illegal counterfeit factories to reproduce them, then why not? It's not going to hurt us, because in this current economy the luxury brands are already seeing somewhat lower profits than a year ago, so they won't raise prices anymore than their typical yearly increase, for fear of driving away more customers.

    You might not agree with this opinion....and this topic has been beat to death over on the LV board...but that is what I think.
  3. I loathe resellers. We have a couple regular customers at my store that come in whenever we have a really good deal on a laptop, guaranteed Wiis, etc. and buy as much as they can to ship overseas, we think to China. Since they're taking up the computers/wiis/whatever that people in OUR customer base could be using and enjoying, it hurts us as a store and irritates our customers. they also hurt our profitability, since they never buy things like service plans or accessories, which is the only way we make ANY money on a wii or a laptop (contrary to popular belief, there's little to no margin in computers, and we always are way below cost on the ones that are heavily discounted). it's just a huge irritant and takes advantage of the fact that not EVERYONE can run in and buy a wii when we get them in the middle of the day. some people have, oh, i dunno, jobs.
  4. I'm surprised this didn't get many responses. I read the article when it came out and was thinking 'i wonder if other TPFers read this, can't wait to hear what they have to say!' Maybe by shooting this thread to the first page, there might be some more discussion...

    I personally think it's a good idea. I don't believe in buying to resell. I think it's selfish. I don't know how people can sleep at night doing that to people.
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