NY Times article re ads for Marc Jacobs

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  1. Cool read. Thanks KathyBea
  2. :tup::party:
  3. i always enjoy reading about marc. thanks for the link!

    i don't usually understand the ads for mj, but i like that. it's as if they are created with no point or without something to convey. they're also odd and occassionally unsettling. the dakota fanning ads creeped me out. and this one? what's going on here?


    whatever they are, they're certainly not boring. i do have to say though that the posh spice ones are my favorite.
  4. Very cool read! Thanks for finding this for us.
  5. I love her in the ads
  6. Thanks for powsting.
  7. Ha, I had just grabbed the style section with VB's legs on the front page when I sat down with it at my computer this morning and saw this post. I love the ads, I love that they don't convey "normal" advertising messages. I especially love that I always try to figure out a story to explain them when I see them. I always loved the squirrels:heart:, KWIM?