Ny Times Article About My Bags

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  1. Congrats on the feature article.

    OK, so the article dates back to 1999 and it mentioned you owned almost 100 bags (gasping, someone get me some oxygen) at that time. So how many bags do you currently own now? I have a little over 25 bags and I tell you...your collection has already put my collection to shame. :shame:
  2. Wow... interesting article! What have you bought since then???
  3. Wow! Post pics!!! I bet you have one hell of a collection!
  4. Great article. I would love to see your collection!
  5. Super Cool! Pics of your bags please :nuts:
  6. Great article, congratulations !!!
  7. Oooh I'd love to see your bag collection in the gallery, if you have the time to bring them all out ! ;)
  8. Sounds like a great collection :biggrin:
  9. Pics, definitely!
  10. i'd have to go through and really take stock. i have a two Bbags a special edition pink one and a big green. i have two mulberry roxannes. one black spy...an hermes rubber bag, forget what they're called...the LV black speedy...a brown silverado..this is just the last two years. a YSL verushka...a mombassa, a navy blue fendi bad du jour, a few hogans, i'm sick of now. i went thru a prada phase for a few years but am really over that. gave them all to my daughter. right now i want the muse and a a paddy. i've tried to get one or two "it" bags each season. i have luella in purple i've never used. a special edition burberry. i have not figured out how to take photos and post them. if someone can email me and let me know how to post photos, i'll do a proper shoot and get them on the sight. i'm good at buying bags but a techno retard.

    this sight is too wonderful!! so much fun to know other people out there who share the passion.
  11. :nuts: Holy crap!! Can I come over and play dress up?
  12. Post pics as soon as you can?
  13. I would love to see your amazing collections!
  14. gawshhhhhhhhhhhhh...you have great collection.....:love: