NY shopping this weekend

  1. hi everyone,
    I'm going to be in NY this weekend and have been on the hunt for a new bag. Any suggestions of places to check out that might have nice leather bags? I'm not looking to pay $500.+, but $300 and below I'd be fine with as long as I find something I love :smile:
  2. Absolutely go to the Hayden Harnett Sample sale!
  3. coach
  4. I'm not so much a fan of coach these days and I do have a few of their bags already (there are a lot of their stores where I live). I will look up the Hayden Harnett Sample sale though, excited for that one! thank you!!
  5. I would also go to Century 21 and the DSW and Filene's at Union Square.
  6. Yeah, definitely Century 21. It's just east of the WTC cite (on Church St., I think). They usually have a case of bags that is a nice designer brand marked way down (I know it says I live in Madison, WI. I used to live in NYC).
  7. I second Filenes-I usually hit the one on 6th (Ave of the Americas) where the big TJMaxx is.