NY Sample sales

  1. Is this new? cause it say 2004 on it.
  2. The link is old but the information is right -- Intermix and Hermes are both having sales this week. Both are supposed to be at the Metropolitan Pavilion.
  3. Yes, I went last year and I believe Intermix is at the lobby, and Hermes is on the 2nd floor.
  4. t4p! i'm definitely going to the intermix sale.
  5. OOps... i forgot to say this is the same for 2007, sorry:shame:
  6. Is the Manolo one still going to be there? Or is it Choo this year?
  7. There is a Manolo in November, but invitation only
  8. I wish I could go to the Prada sample sale...NO more appointments available and I live in South Florida :crybaby:
  9. ^^ how do you get invited to the manolo sale??
  10. did anyone go to the multidesigner?