NY sales?

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  1. Has anyone heard news about an H sale in NYC this month or next? My SA indicated they were clearing out stock rooms and shipping inventory to NYC for a sale, but did not know when this is happening.

    Any Intel would be much appreciated!
  2. Bumping this to see if anyone has intel on the annual October sale in NYC? I would like know with a little advance notice so I can take a day off work. Last year I only found out the week before the sale :sad:
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  3. I would love to know too. TIA
  4. Me 2!!!
  5. I was just wondering about this. I'd love to know!!
  6. Any word as yet? I'm getting anxious
  7. Not sure if this the same as what I am talking about but my SA offered to put my name on a VIP list for their sale in October....from what he tells me, it is extremely crowded and apparently last year......two women got into a huge fight for something, got escalated.....sounds intense!

    I'll try to find out more news and update you guys next week!:smile:
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  8. Thank you! That is the exact sale.
  9. Just saw the post:
    Where: 317 W. 33rd St. (near 8th Ave.)
    When: Wednesday, October 19th (VIP day)
    Thursday, October 20th, 9am~7pm
    Friday, October 21st, 9am~7pm
    Saturday, October 22nd, 9am~6pm
  10. Thank you!! :flowers:
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  11. Thank you so much!! So upset Wednesday is the vip day
  12. Anyone recall what the typical markdown is on silk? I happen to have the 20th and 21st off [​IMG]
  13. 60% off last year.
  14. *stop to try & catch my breath" I saw the post and ran to my mailbox. It's here :nuts: so excited. After last year's craziness I'm glad I can make the VIP day. Mimi thanks for the update
  15. Can anyone attend on the other non VIP days or do you need an invite? This is seriously tempting since it looks to be right near penn station :smile:
    Thank you.