NY roll call!

  1. Calling all NY girls! I am so excited to be posting on a board where there are actually other NY'ers! I have posted on Christian boards and parenting boards and I am always the only one from NY.

    So-where are we all from? I live in Brooklyn, in one of the neighborhoods known for their brownstones and great restaurants
  2. I"m in Staten Island
  3. Queens!....my neighborhood is known for its great nightlife,and greek resturants.My neighborhood is nicknamed "Little Athens"..the stienway piano factory is blocks away from me!
  4. queens! originally from brooklyn though. there's a lot of NYers here.
  5. Manhattan, upper east side here! This is my first time seeing a lot of NYers on a message board, too! It's cool!
  6. queens!
  7. Manhattan! Upper East Side. Hey, Manolo--we might be neighbors!
  8. Long Islander here. :biggrin: Huntington/Centerport area.
  9. I live out east on the south shore of Long Island.
  10. Born and raised in the Bronx (Morris Park area), now living right over the GW Bridge in NJ.
  11. Um.... I am not living there but I was there this weekend!! Stayed at the Times right by Times Square and Broadway :yes:
  12. South Yonkers born and raised now in sunny south Fl which is NY w/palm trees:roflmfao:
  13. I'm from Nassau County on Long Island:yes:
  14. Hi Importers Wife! I live in Huntington! I loooooove it here...Love the city too!
  15. I grew up in East Meadow-that was a long time ago-never thought I would like Brooklyn-but, I love my neighborhood! Jadore-I love your neighborhood too-I have an uncle who lives there.