NY reveal!

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  1. So we were in Soho on Sunday, I happened to spot a Mulberry store (we were looking for Ralph Lauren for my dad haha) and I had a little splurge on something I've been looking at for a while. It cost me over half of my NY spending money but oh well thats what holidays (and student loans ;) ) are for!
  2. Looking forward to see what's in the bag :biggrin:
  3. Hello Lauren! Are you having fun in the States? - done any sightseeing? - and, importantly, are Mulberries much cheaper than in the UK? :P
  4. So excited to see what you got! :smile:
  5. Can't wait to see your purchase. Hope you are having a lovely holiday :smile:
  6. Oooooo what is it??? :biggrin:
  7. Im here any clues.
    The States my younger sis went there recently and is going again she ab loved it.
    Im missing out on these fab holidays but to be honest id rather buy more bags:lol:
  8. Oooh! Can't wait to see!!
  9. C'mon Lauren .. out with "her" ? .. reveal all !, xH
  10. Yeah I'm having an awesome time, totally love New York!
    I think its a tad more expensive than england, but only by about £20 or so for what I bought. I think bags have a higher mark-up as my Brynmore at home was £695 and its something like £800 here.

    But here is my new acquisition! The Mulberry tree print scarf in Black Forest! It was the last one in the shop so it was fate that I should have it. It cost a bit more than I was expecting but I do love it. Going out today to find something to go with it hehe
  11. Oh beautiful scarf! Really fab color! Great purchase!:biggrin:
  12. Congratulations, you'd be needing that scarf back home here it's a wee bit chilly even though the sun is shining :biggrin:
  13. Agree with DP, you'll be needing that scarf on your return! Beautiful scarf, Lauren! I can see why you couldn't resist!

    Sounds like you're having a fabulous time in NYC! Have you tried Magnolia Bakery yet?? Yummy cupcakes!!
  14. We went to the magnolia bakery yesterday after the rockerfeller centre and had red velvet cupcakes! Probably the best $7 I've ever spent!

    And thank you all for your lovely comments! I totally love it. Its a bit damp here today so I may wear it out to some more shopping today!
  15. Fab reveal Lauren! Hope you're having a wonderful time in NYC :biggrin: