NY price sans taxes?


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Feb 26, 2006
Hi ladies,

If I bought a birkin in NY and leave the country, am I able to put a claim for tax refund, and if so, how much?

I hear that there is some form of tax return, but not for the sales tax, is that true? Does anyone have any experience on this?

Thank you!
I sure am!! Am obsessing over my options at this point, hahaha! Esp with that "1 Birkin 1 Kelly" rule, which I'm not sure now if my brother can charm the SAs out off.
Tammy if you are in love with either Birkin or Kelly I am sure you will find one! I don't know about tax refund issues leaving the US but it would stand to reason that something like this would happen as it does with VAT in Europe. Perhaps a call to Hermes itself could shed some light? I am sure especially in NYC they have many international customers and probably (if applicable) have the necessary forms right there. Good luck with your hunt!

The thrill isn't just the bag, but the hunt too!!! :yes:
I don't think there is a VAT or tax refund on exports from the United States, as tax is collected by each state and varies from state to state. However, Hermes will probably ship something to another state for you to save you some tax (for example, if you are in the NYC store, they will ship it to Connecticut to save you some tax).

Also, if you are bringining in merchandise to the US, you have to declare it in customs. If I recall correctly, the President's sister in law got in trouble for not declaring her purchases.
I am not sure about international purchasing, but... If I purchase from Bergdorf Goodman in NYC (no BG in my state) and have the merchandise sent directly to my home, there will be no tax. If international purchases work the same way, the purchase would need to be mailed to avoid the tax charge...I think duties would be charged in this case (voiding the no state tax benefit)??? Again, not sure...
I think Hermes charges at least $100 to ship within the US, so imagine how much shipping would be internationally. You risk the bag getting lost in customs. Tax for a $8000 bag would be around $700. Add the shipping cost and the risk involved--if it were up to me, I would just pay the tax and be assured that I have my Hermes bag with me.