NY Post article - Clear bags

  1. http://www.nypost.com/seven/06272007/entertainment/fashion/exposed_fashion_marina_vataj.htm

    Sa this on nypost.com. would love to hear your opinions as well. i agree withthe young girl at the end of the article. As a NYer, I wouldn't carry this bag; it's an invite to steal my stuff. I wouldn't want everybody to see what I have inside my bag. As it is , it's messy inside. I guess as a tote it would be fine , but not as a purse.
  2. I think it is very "cool" -- butyou would need to put your valuable or secret things inside a clutch or pouch so as not to show.
    I definitely think it is great as a beach tote. You can see your sunscreen, etc.
    I also like the Furla "Boarding Bag."
    Thanks for the article! Love to read stuff like this.
  3. I wouldn't feel comfortable carrying it, just feel so exposed. Maybe it's just me but why not carry a plastic, oversized ziploc bag if you want everyone to see your stuff instead of spending hundreds of dollars for clear plastic. Seems a bit rediculous to me.