NY pictures

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  1. A few weeks ago I went to see the play on broadway. I wanted to post some pictures:

    For Family Guy lovers:

    What play was it? :idea:

    Another poster shot:

    My all time fave play:

    Other plays:

    Times Square:
  2. nice pictures purselova......so you went to see lestat? :P
  3. :idea: wonderful,kool
  4. Yes, lol. It wasn't very good, though. The book was awesome! The funny thing is Tom Cruise was the first man to ever play Lestat, movie verison, and the scientology building was literally a block away.
  5. Thanks. :amuse:
  6. They're great pictures, I can never get enough of how Times Square looks at night, simply fantastic.

    Thanks for posting.
  7. Thank you. It was so pretty. Really a treat. I'm looking forward to seeing another play soon. You're welcome.
  8. Nice pics. I have never been to NYC. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Really pretty pics! My DH and I want to visit NYC during Xmas. I bet it looks so pretty!
  10. Scarlett, you should go. It's very nice. Many great things to do.

    Thank you, jasanna. I really liked it there.
  11. Thanks for the pics. My daughter is going there to visit her Grandma on Sunday.....I kinda feel guilty not going with her but my brother will be up there visiting as well. When I'm in Times Square I like to go to the MTV store and the wax museum.
  12. Great pictures! I want to go to New York soo bad! Where are the pics of you looking fab IN New York???
  13. Thanks for the pics! I've been in NY only twice and they were both for reasons that are not shopping/sightseeing. Your pictures makes me want to go there!
  14. Great pictures! I loves Times Square - especially at night! I'm there a lot and it NEVER gets old!
  15. Oh, I've never gotten to go to the wax museum. :sad2: How was it?
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