NY/Paris bag, Is this a needle in the haystack?

  1. NY/Paris expandable flap, in black? Has anyone seen one? Never saw it when it came out and just caught some photos and I luv it.....

  2. I don't like to be negative. . . but pretty much impossible new from a store now.
    They show up on eBay from time to time. . . this was a VERY fast selling bag.
  3. I had one and sold it on eBay. Last time I checked (this morning) the lady I sold it to is selling it. Her ID is are_you_in. I can vouch for its' authenticity - purchased it from NM in Boston. Great bag.
  4. Thanks! I'll check it out! Do you remember how much it was originally? I think $2495?
  5. Yes - it was 2495 - because I remember thinking - oh my goodness - it's under 2500! LOL It is a beautiful bag and it looks and feels great. I had to sell it to make room for more. Keep me posted. Good Luck!
  6. Do you remember how long ago did you sold it to her?

    She is asking $2799 BIN... Or Best Offer

    Just wondering how much it may have been used. It looks in awesome shape. I just hate paying more for a used bag than the original price, UGH!
    I know they are coming out with a simular bag for Fall but without the distressed leather. I really love the distressed!