NY/NJ tpf'ers ... any updates from Woodbury? or tinton falls?

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  1. ... i see posts for AC, but what about Woodbury and Tinton Falls..
    i've never been to Tinton but i'm going there in 2 weeks...

    any updates?
    much appreciated TIA!
  2. I am to far from both - I am in South Jersey
  3. Last time I checked there wasnt a coach in tinton falls. Unless they put one recently there isnt one.
  4. oh ok. thanks.. i'm just working off of second hand info.
    lol that would explain why there have been no updates.
  5. I went to Woodbury yesterday & they basically had what I posted last time for the most part, just less of it. If you're looking for something specific let me know & I'll try to remember. They do have the new MFF "Lily", turnlock totes, etc. And the new MFF Soho I guess it is? Only saw Peytons in pearl green. They had some of the Large Madison Spectator Juliannes in lavender, but they were around $1K & only 30% off. They were pretty beat up/dirty too. HTH :smile:

  6. Do you recognize my name ;)
  7. Did you have to wait on line to get in? Last time I was at Woodbury there was a line outside. I wonder if they save stuff for the weekend crowd. I may go tomorrow or this weekend. Thanks for the info.
  8. Okay I'm lost... should I? lol :nuts:
  9. No, I went around 4 so it wasn't crazy busy. Usually the only time I see lines outside are Friday-Sunday or like Black Friday. I'm sure there will still be good finds this weekend. Good luck when you go :smile:
  10. HINT the Q
  11. ^

    Hmmm I haven't used this name on any other board, and the only people I know in South Jersey are family LOL... someone else, perhaps?
  12. sorry - wrong person -sorry ;(
  13. Don't be sorry ;)