NY/NJ/CT purse forum meeting?

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Nov 28, 2005
hey ladies,

like i mentioned in my other thread, i think the nor-cal ladies have a great idea in setting up a purse forum meeting, and since there are tons of us (i think) on the eastern side of the country as well, i was wondering if any of you would be interested in getting together for lunch and some shopping on 5th/madison avenue....... :shame:

no definite plans as of yet.....just wanted to see how many of us there were and if there's anyone willing to put this together for us :P.......i'd love to but things are kinda crazy with school so i'd be booked solid til the end of may but i think it's definitely something we could attempt :smile:

so please let me know if you'd be interested in having a NYC purse forum luncheon (gentlemen are welcome as well of course) and we'll see what we can do :biggrin:
yay :nuts:...that's two so far........i'm assuming we're all a little less busy once summer vacation comes around?......i'm a student so definitely for me, but not sure how that works for those of you who work.......and of course like i said before if somebody would like to volunteer as organizer/event planner it would be GREATLY appreciated :biggrin: (please please please please please :wondering)
northernbelle33 said:
I'm in NY (Long Island), but I might be too chicken to go:shame: .

awww northernbelle don't be chicken.....i'm about the most timid person you will ever meet.......so we can hide in a corner together :P

my moot court oral arguments are tomorrow and i haven't done any public speaking since middle school......i'm sure i'll faint from fright......
purselova34 said:
I would like to organize, but I don't live in NY. I think we need a PFer who knows NY really well.

i've been in NY for the past 4 years so i know it really well i just don't think i'd be much good at planning activities....i'm more a fun-killer and less a fun-maker.......but i'd be happy to help out with directions/suggestions for locations, etc :biggrin:

and sanguar u can't move til we've met u :sad2: ....at least nowhere too far away
This is a great idea and hopefully it will all work. Unfortunately I wouldn't be able to make it. Not enough employees to cover my hours right now at work...it stinks to be the boss sometimes!!! UGH.
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