NY neophite- What to wear questions

  1. Hi All-
    Going to NYC in 2 weeks. Well actually I'll be in New Brunswick with day trips to NYC. I don't want to look like a tourist. Any suggestions on what to wear and what the temps will be like.
  2. Supposed to be in the 70's I think. Dark colors yes, shorts/tanks no.
  3. def no shorts with tanks... I would suggest if you want to keep it casual... nice t shirt with jeans, or even a flowy summer dress with a bolero or shrug over it if your day isnt going to be too hectic.
  4. And no fanny packs!! LOL. Sorry, I've been traumatised. My mum wears one all the time when we're on vacation.
  5. The key to looking like a true New Yorker...always remember..Less is More! Simple classic lines in black or other neutrals. Stay away from brights and have a great bag with you...prefarable one you can wear around the body...messenger or something. If you must wear sneakers...MBT's or pumas.
  6. No maps, no white sneakers, and do not stop in the middle of the sidewalks!

    As far as what else to wear, it'll be warm, so capris/jeans/skirts are great. Shorts are good with t-shirts, but I agree that a tank and shorts combo does scream "tourist" in certain parts of the city. You could pair a tank with a skirt, though. Sandals or flip flops would be ideal, unless you'll be walking all over. Tailored pieces (button-down shirts, short jackets, etc.) always go well with any bottom. Make each outfit as cute as it can be and as long as you're not in "vacation" mode, you'll be fine.
  7. it'll be pretty warm when you go. a nice dress, awesome sunnies, comfy sandals, and an hot bag should be all you need. everyone is wearing dresses in nyc right now. maybe a light short jacket if you plan on staying there after it gets dark and you get cold.
  8. Thanks Coldplaylover, kiss me deadly, missmustard, kalodiel, Janos614 and azaelea for all your advise. I really appreciate it!!
  9. Id personally wear a cute skirt,tank or tee with cute ballerinas..or nice flip flops.....
  10. it's relatively warm today and i'm wearing justa cute skirt, flip flops, and a cute t-shirt....

    i'd say wear whatever's comfortable and i agree with what one of the above posters said---please don't stop in the middle of the sidewalk :p

    a cute summer dress with a shrug and flip flops is also good, or just jeans and a pretty top...although almost everybody i've seen today seems to be wearing a denim mini with black leggings and a simple cotton/jersey shirt on top with a wide headband (but then again i'm sitting in the library of a university so i'm not sure quite how representative they are of the outside world where there's sunlight :push:smile:

    i think the only thing that would give off the "tourist" vibe is if you stand around gawking at everything (which i'm sure you won't do) or if you have a gigantic fanny pack
  11. Simple jersey dresses with flats or low peep toe wedges/espadrills (for walking), cute and zip-able leather bags big enough to carry a cardigan (in case you're in a chilly museum or restaurant), skirts with cute tops, at least one pair of jeans, and flip flops to give the feet a bigger rest if you end up with blisters.
  12. No highwaisted shorts with your tshirt tucked in. >.<
  13. Thanks everyone for your hints. I really appreciate it. It would be awful to go to a new city and look like a tourist when you really didn't mean too!
  14. If you don't want to seem like a tourist, stay away from Times Square, cross in the middle of the block, DON'T STAND in the middle of a crowded street, keep moving, don't carry a camera around your neck, don't wear a t-shirt with &quot;I heart NY&quot; on it, walk at a fast pace, etc etc.

    I wouldn't suggest wearing flip flops if you are walking around. Your feet will be filthy.
  15. I second the no flip-flops. Wedges or thick heeled shoes that are everywhere right now are always good - give your feet from distance from the grime and be fashionable without killing your feet with stilettos while walking around all day.

    Another thing to be aware of if you want to avoid the tourist label - at some subway stations with escalators there is a "stand right, walk left" norm almost like in D.C. The big difference between NYC and DC is that in NYC it only exists in some stations and unlike DC, no one will correct you if you are doing it wrong, they will just roll their eyes, look annoyed, and possibly whisper under their breath to those they are with. In any case, there is no sure way of knowing in which stations the norm exists (though I have noticed that the further downtown you go, the more prevalent it is, probably do to the decrease in the ratio of the number of tourists to the number of business people/commuters) if you want to be on the safe side, stand right and walk left.

    Also, I would say that whatever you do, just don't look like you're trying too hard to hit every runway look. Trying too hard, IMO, is more of a give-away than not trying at all.