NY ladies-help me get a Sephora in Brooklyn!

  1. I just love, love, love this store! There are tons in Manhattan, tons in Long Island. There are 2 in Queens and even 1 in Staten Island.

    But, not one, not one in all of Brooklyn! I don't understand why!

    Anyway, any momentum out there to send emails to Sephora asking for one? i already wrote to them and got an email back thanking me for my suggestion, bla, bla, bla. But, I was thinking they might seriously consider it if they received lots of emails.

    Anyone care to help?


    Thanks! :okay:
  2. Go Queens!!!! we got one =],hop on the R,and go to the one in Austin Street!.The most RANDOM place they opened a Sephora is at the JCPenny in the Queens Mall.
  3. I went to the one on Austin Street just last Sunday!

    I grew up in Forest Hills-even went to JHS on Austin St. nice store-but, they didn't seem to have some stuff I have seen at other Sephoras. i want one in Brooklyn! LOL
  4. The one on Austin Street doesn't carry certain lines (i.e., Stella McCartney). One of the employees told me this is the case b/c it's a small store.

  5. There is a Sephora in JC Penny? Where?
  6. in the queens center mall on queens boulevard i believe
  7. Yep-in Queens Center.
  8. ^^ that is too funny; after they renovated the mall I thought that the only thing it was really missing was a Sephora. Apparently not. I'll definitely have to stop in next time I'm at QC. Thanks for the posts :smile::smile::smile:
  9. If anyone wrote them-I would be curious to know what they said.