NY is LOADED with birkins!

  1. Hi ladies. I just got back from a wonderful trip to NY. Of course I went to the Hermes boutique on Madison. While browsing I spoke with a SA about birkins and she said she had none...I could tell she was lying. Sure enough while I was there another SA brought out a GORGEOUS pink birkin to show to a lady. Perhaps she had ordered it. Whatever the case she didn't want it. Before I could get over there to look at it, another lady snapped it up and bought it. $7500.


    Anyway, I was amazed at just how many birkins I saw. I saw no less than 20 in thirty minutes...just while walking down the street. I guess I was so amazed because I NEVER see them around here in Durham NC.

    I'm headed off to Vegas at the end of May and I am staying at the Bellagio. I HOPE they have one at the Hermes boutique that I can buy.
  2. I saw a orange birkin at the hermes in sf. They had quite a few kelly's too...the sa's didnt even offer to help me...needless to say, im taking my money somewhere else :P
  3. That is so frustrating that they treat people like this!
  4. It is! It almost makes me not want my birkin- why support a company that does not want me to buy their product! I just can't get over my need to have one though!
  5. You are right. jag, I like the Balenciaga bag you have posted. I just bought one like it in NY from Barney's on Friday. I LOVE those bags. They are one of my new fave bags.
  6. Now you can get the Paddy!:biggrin:
  7. Thanks Nathansgirl! I love my Balenciaga! They are just the versatile and lightweight bag I have ever carried! You will love yours! I promise!

    Savannah- you are so bad! Love it!:biggrin:
  8. I also cannot stand the SA's I've had experience with at Hermes...but I do love the bags, so I don't care.. They won't stop me from getting what I want!
  9. You have a good attitude addicted! I need to think of it that way!
  10. Hate to tell ya, but when I was last in LV, I made the mistake of not wearing my Kelly and/or Birkin and they wouldn't even talk to me! Claimed they had nothing in the back when I asked. Bleech, would never buy there at all!

  11. I was snubbed at the SF store too. Whatever...they are just SA. When my Birkin comes calling, all will go smoothly.
  12. My husband gets the best service everywhere he goes. I usually don't get any, unless I come on like gangbusters. We haven't been into Hermes yet, but knowing his effect on people, they will be showing him the backroom within minutes! I think SAs are interested in male buyers vs female buyers more often than not. It could be dynamics, the ease of a sale, the simple fact he is a male. Once we were in the fragrance section of a dept store, and female SAs are spritzing fragrance on him -- women's fragrances!! :blink: I look at it with some amount of amusement but also roll my eyes in the fact that once again, I as another female, am not getting the same due service. I am chopped liver. And this chopped liver is :mad: :mad: !!

    So, as unfortunate as this may sound, if the time ever comes for a birkin, I am sending him there to fetch me one! Not only in record time too, but he'll probably walk out with one of their best ones. It is inconceivable they would not have a single bag in their stockroom, how do they do business that way? What about all the rich clients, do they get turned away every visit as well?
  13. oprah got snubbed by Hermes before, so i don't feel targeted.
  14. Wow! I knew there was a reason I have never liked Birkins. I had no idea, Birkin SA's were so nasty.
  15. "i could tell she was lying"

    Don't you just want to slap these SAs?