NY in 2 weeks!

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  1. Hi,
    I'm new to this, this is my first thread and I joined since I'm obsessed with Chanel purses - and I'm only 17!
    Well I'm going on a school trip in 2 weeks to New York!! I'm sooo excited, I've always wanted to go, and finally I am :yahoo:
    I was wondering what anyone recommend I get whilst I'm there (designer buy) possibly Chanel (obv.)
    But anyways, I'd just like your input, I was thinking of a wallet but I got one stolen off me 8 months ago and getting another would make me fell too anxious wherever I use it.
    Thanks guys xoxo
  2. If you are from the UK, it's actually cheaper to buy your Chanels there, even with the VAT. However, if you do find time to visit a great outlet called Woodbury Common, then you should go there. It has lots and lots of outlets selling brands which are otherwise so freaking expensive in the UK. And what's more, it has a Chanel outlet! Good luck!
  3. Thanks, I'll mention it to my teacher and see if we can arrange to get there! The prices in the UK now though are ridiculous, the pound rate has dropped so much so I'm thinking its gonna be much cheaper in NY!
  4. just keep in mind that the chanel outlet at woodbury commons is hit or miss. they don't have that much in terms of leather accessories, mostly clothing. and if u're going to the city (NYC), its not super close. i would recommed another wallet since u'll get a lot of use out of it, but if it'll make u anxious, i guess something else?? not sure what u would want the most...have fun on ur trip!
  5. How about a wallet on a chain? Worn messenger style.
  6. You'd be better off buying from the UK or Heathrow T3 if you're travelling from there. US prices are quite steep compared to ours.

    I did get a PNY black lambskin wallet for $300 though in March last year when the exchange rate was good. That was at Woodbury. They didn't have much bags in stock..mostly weird fluffy ones and Baby Animals.