NY Historical Society/Hermes Event...

  1. I did a search for this but didn't see a mention of it on the forum yet. Is anyone going to this on November 28 in New York? It's co-sponsored by the NY Historical Society and H Wall Street. I believe the name of the event is "Lafayette's Return to Washington's America".

    The scarf they are doing is GORGEOUS, though I haven't seen it in person yet. The photos I saw were absolutely lovely if you like Kermit Oliver (which I do). It comes in 3 colorways: blue, brown, and red.
  2. i probably am.
  3. Oh cool! I wouldn't mind seeing you, ya know.

  4. Is this an hermes event? Can anyone go or do you need an invitation?
  5. It is an Hermes event and I believe it's invitation only. If you have an SA at that store, though, he or she might be able to get you an invitation.
  6. I am going... perhaps we should all meet up before we head over.
  7. New York has all the fun............:crybaby:
  8. Yes! You ladies should get together.....have fun....then pm me if you see a Gold 35 PHW in Togo.

    Ok, so I have alterior motives for your get together..can you blame me?:p I'll be too far into my pregnancy to fly by then.
  9. Oh! That's The Best Reason Ever To Ask :heart:
  10. The Event Sounds So Lovely ~ So Does The Scarf!!!!:yes:
  11. Please give us all a full report after you go!
  12. That sounds like a wonderful evening! Have fun NY Hermes ladies!! :smile:
  13. Oh I posted about this a while back but it was buried under the shopping section and none of the mods moved it...anyway, does anyone know what's happening at the party? The scarf is the one shown on the back of the invitation, correct?
  14. I am going,... want to see what if any new things may be there....
  15. Yes, might be invitation only, I have RSVP'd