NY girls - anywhere to buy on LI?

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  1. Hello ladies - is there anywhere on long island that carries Bal's nowadays? I did a search of old posts, but they mostly mentioned Barney's in Manhasset (which closed a few years ago). Anywhere else, or do I have to go to NYC? Thank you! I'm so excited to get my first one :graucho:
  2. It was so sad when Barneys closed- but also in Americana Manhasset, Hirshleifers carries Balenciaga!
  3. I live in long island, and bought my first balenciaga at Hirshleifers

    They do not have a website that shows their inventory but I do have the balenciaga sales girl direct email and she can help you find what you are looking for.
  4. Could you please share your B SA direct email? TIA