NY Fashion Week-When is MJ showing?

  1. MJ and MbyMJ aren't on the calendar, just like his spring 08 collections.

    Anyone know when he is showing? I can't wait to see what he comes up with!
  2. mj shows on the last day, so he's scheduled for friday, february 8th. i don't see mbmj on the schedule, but that usually shows the morning after the collection except for fall 07 when he showed in london.
  3. MbMJ is showing a day or two before the MJ collection on Friday (so Wed. or Thursday, I forgot which day!) But I remember it was at 4pm!
  4. marc jacobs collection is friday feb. 8 at 8pm (but we know it's always late)
    marc by marc is tuesday, feb. 5 at 4pm