NY Daily News Blind Item


Nov 2, 2006
Glendale, CA
I saw this on the NY Daily News' website. I thought it sounds awfully familiar- who do y'all think it is?:

Don't Shoot the Messenger
Which designer is the subject of rumors within his own company that his latest stint in rehab was just a cover while he healed from cosmetic surgery?


Sep 9, 2006
a lot of the well known blogs are speculating that it's him. it's silly of him to lie about it though. is plastic surgery that shameful that he would rather people believe he had a relapse? it's not as if plastic surgery isn't more acceptable these days. look at ashlee simpson. she disappeared without anyone wondering where she was and she turned up again looking like the lost olsen sister. okay, so ashlee simpson is a bad example to use since no one cares about her much, but still... he looks good though.