NY consignment shop loaded with Hermes

  1. kelly bags, birkins, massai, plume. fisch for the hip - she used to have a web site, but it's not up now, and i know she's on ebay sometimes. there's a store in chelsea. went by today and there were quite a few bags if you're in the neighborhood. many looked nearly brand new, some vintage pieces too. prices were not low, but not crazy marked up either.
  2. yep..been there a while back hiheels!
    Ive had a few nice dealings with Terrin (dont know if she still owns the shop) If you are in the area, i believe its definately worth a quick-see. I passed on a stunning white max mara raincoat that was a steal and never forgave myself!!
    sorry to be off H topic!!!!
  3. SO funny. been hankering for a max mara trench.
  4. Oh, you guys are LUCKY! The consignment shops we have here in Berkeley stock stuff like original Birkenstock's and REAL trench coats...like from the war!

    I need a NY fix fast!!!!
  5. What's the name of the store?
  6. in ny? or shopmom's?
    in ny it's fisch for the hip.

  7. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  8. Ohhh, what color birkins did they have??
  9. to be honest, since i'm not interested in the birkins, i only noticed that they had them. i saw one that was smallish, like one size smaller than 30, which was surprisingly cute, and then there were a bunch of 30 and bigger. i was surprised to see so many and clearly in practically new condition - though i didn't examine them or anything.
    there was one that i've seen posted by another pf member, that is, a bag like one i've seen here. dark inky navy blue with a contrasting lighter blue piping/interior. but anyway, a good number of the birkins (surely more then you ever see in an Hermes boutique).

    croc and ostrich bags, i think mostly kelly and plumes.
    and a big, maybe 35 or 40cm raisin kelly.
    and there was a suede kelly clutch.
  10. Same here Shopmom!! When I used to bring my Kate Spade bags to sell at my local one, the woman was thrilled!! Not thrilled enough to charge more money for it though....finally I started to send things to Boston for more money - which has worked out well - until I found the PF and started a little on e-bay...I do enjoy looking at consignment shops though! I've gotten a couple of great steals there over the years - no bags though...
  11. I've both purchased and consigned thru Fisch for the Hip (on west 18th street in NY) and she often has nice clothing and bags BUT she charges far more than other consignment shops I've visited, on all designers (making it much better if you're consigning rather than purchasing). She can also be a real b*tch, though there's a guy that works with her who's very nice. More pleasant consignment shops in NYC are Ina in Soho and Michael's on the UES, but there are fewer Hermes bags, sadly.
  12. rite on callmelulu!
    I sold most of my Chanel and Prada bags with her. I did fair, I guess. More $$$$ for my H treasures...I work part time (I am old lol)
    Saving builds my character...ugh I own a gold togo kelly and a chevre potiron 28 plume, a vert anis dogon lined in lamb, potiron change purse, lavendar pencil case (TDF I must humbly say- altho i do not use it for pencils!!!) , a mini-post it holder in bj i think (I know- I am insane but just knowing it is in my handbag makes me feel good. I guess I do belong here, I must say.
  13. Welcome arcangel -- you do belong! Sounds like you have a nice collection....
  14. HELLLLO! (as my daughter would say). Arcangel, if you own an Hermes mini-post it holder then I'd have to say YES YOU BELONG HERE!
    And, welcome because we're all rowing the same boat.....:flowers:
  15. Thank you HiHeels!!!

    And Welcome Arcangel! This is a very addictive place, so proceed shamelessly and often! You will love it here!