"NWT" Sabrina but no returns - WWYD?

  1. If that's the case then the seller should refund the purchase and return the bag themselves.

    :wtf: is wrong with people?
  2. Yeah im not getting why if its so easy to get a refund from Coach didn't the seller return the bag herself instead of listing on Bonanza. Id open a claim for my money back.
  3. Thank you for all the advice everyone, I really appreciate it!

    I contacted the seller again and she is still refusing to issue a refund, so I filed a PayPal claim. In addition to the stain, the bag has minor marks and scratches on parts that the seller didn't show or mention in her listing. She claims that they are due to shipping (obviously not, since the bag was in its dustbag) and blames me for not requesting insurance - are you kidding me?! It is her responsibility to list and show all imperfections, I shouldn't have to purchase insurance and give her an easy way out so that she can blame shipping. And I agree, if it is so easy to return the bag then I don't get why she would go through the trouble of listing/selling it instead of returning it herself. Ugh, it's just frustrating. I'm crossing my fingers with the PayPal claim after hearing about all the horror stories. I will update you guys on how it goes.
  4. I don't think insurance would cover a stain that was on the bag... who

    exactly is this seller kidding??

    File your paypal claim and as a last resort you can also do a chargeback...

    I would like to know who this seller is... would not want to be buying

    from someone who thinks I should return a stained & scracthed bag to

    Coach for a refund when the bag is 3 years old and besides which why

    would Coach take a bag back with a stain on it???
  5. If the bag still has the tags on it Coach will take it back. When I worked there it wasn't very common but on occasion we'd get returns of items that people had bought years ago.
  6. Most of the horror stories are on the sellers side.
    Although it is possible for a NWT bags to have flaws, since you can't see them for yourself to decide whether or not they are acceptable, it rests on the seller to disclose. IMO ;)

  7. If the tags were still on the bag, would Coach take back a bag with

    a stain on it??? If they have a liberal policy to take returns after

    several seasons or years, that's pretty good but I would think that

    they would take it back because it is in saleable condition...
  8. Any updates?