NWT Cornflower first-BIN 999 or BO

  1. Ooh, pretty color and nice price! Basically paying original retail price!
  2. Is the seller legit? I love the color but I am so nervous about eBay, should I go for it?
  3. ^^ the bag is legit! Go for it! And make sure to post pictures of this beauty when you get it.:yahoo:
  4. Okay, I am going to try to get it.
  5. Good Luck!!!! This so exciting!:yahoo: :nuts:
  6. Ack I did it! I am so nervous, first time buying a B-bag on eBay. I will post pics once I get it.:yes:
  7. Congrats cilla! It is really very pretty!
  8. Yay!! Cornflower is so beautiful :girlsigh:
  9. CONGRATS cilla :flowers: ..... it's a GORGEOUS bag and amazing color, you'll not regret if you see it in real . . . please post pics if you got it :yes: :love:
  10. TTucker, are'nt you selling yours for less than this one on eBay?
  11. ^^ Hey girl, mine is a little less-- before I decided to list it though, this one had already sold :yes:

    Cilla you're going to love that bag!
  12. Yay! Congrats, Cilla!:yahoo:
  13. ohhhh, great bag!!!
  14. congrats cilla! great color! :wlae:
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