nwt COACH 15887 new POPPY Tartan bella Bag

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  1. This is one from the Nitro preview but no, it's not officially released to the stores yet.
  2. I love poppy bags and the whimsy seen in many of the designs...but is that a faux winning ribbon I see bedazzled onto that bag?
  3. Oh, I hate it! I saw the preview pic months ago and loved it. I'll be passing on this one.
  4. Thanks ! I must have missed it. I gather this the new colour plaid we are seeing on the Poppy totes, etc?
    The seller says -comes with 4pins and one srarf atteach (?) Does it actually come with that from Coach or did this seller add it?
  5. ^No I think it actually comes with the bag...
  6. --from the comments posted I'm not alone is thinking it's a little too "dressed up!"
  7. oh...you're being really polite.
  8. lol!!!

    Hmm- actually you could get more bang for your buck by thinking of the scarf as a Gift with Purchase item and using it on other bags etc.
  9. OK, maybe if you are 13 - maybe.

  10. and blind...:biggrin:
  11. I have to agree that this particular bag is aimed for a much younger group .
    Young even for Poppy!!

    But you never know--I might see a reveal here and love it!! :lol:
  12. Hmmmm, I doubt it - I don't think there are any 13 year olds with vision impairment on here to do a reveal. :P
  13. :lolots:
  14. Wow. Without the buttons and scarf it might be better. But....wow...I'm not sure who Coach is trying to market to honestly.