NWT '05 Ice Blue Mini in store now!! $497+tax!!

  1. So there is only one at Maxfield Bleu in LA. They have never had a B-bag there before until now. They told me if was a First but when I got there it was actually a mini. After much comtemplation, I passed on it even though the leather is AMAZING:yahoo: SO soft and thick:love:. Rare color too:nuts: Anyway, yours for only $497+tax. It was still there yesterday at closing time since I held it until noon today. They close at 7pm.

    Let me know who gets it! I want to see pics!!
  2. Liz, do you have a phone # for them? Would love to call them and see what they have in stock...
  3. If someone calls in could they ask if they have any Bbag accessories in stock for me? :angel: I've been trying to call around all the boutiques and the list of them seems to never end! I'd be forever greatful! :love:
  4. That's the only B-Bag they have in stock. I asked how often they get B-bags and they said never.
  5. Liz, did they say why they got one this time? Was it a return?

    (I'm just wondering because I wonder if they'll get any others in the future)
  6. It just never sold. I looked it over and it still has the original tags from the store and it was in really good conditions when I looked it over. The tassles do look a bit worn (probably from everyone touching it even though it is in a glass display case). You can always just buy new tassles anyway since I'm not sure if the mini comes with extra tassles.