NVT quality issue on recent Baywaters?

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  1. Hello folk! Could I pick your brains, please? I already own 3 x Bays. One is glossy goat and the other two are soft print; and all three are lined in suede. I also own an NVT SBS, which I purchased 3 years ago.

    Had a bit of a panic buy at the weekend and bought an oxblood NVT Bays :grouch:

    The colour is fab, I love it, had wanted it for ages. BUT when I got it home, I was surprised at just how thin the NVT felt compared to my older SBS. All of the bags on display were similar in terms of their thinness, so it wasn't specific to this one. I am, though, considering whether to keep it as a result.

    I wondered whether there had been a conscious decision by Mulberry in the past few years to change the NVT (cutting costs? Making it lighter?). I also wondered whether anyone else had noticed this. I'd really appreciate your thoughts as to whether the thinner NVT will hold up. I will use a liner, Colinil it etc but I am concerned about it keeping its shaping and the flap corners curling in particular. It won't be subject to heavy daily use, but careful regular use if you see what I mean!

    Thank you!
  2. I think that the CVT always has felt slightly thinner than the NVT. Probably to do with the dyeing to get the colour, I think they use a mix of Veg tan and chrome dyeing methods to get the oxblood colour and the leather has to be slightly thinner because of this.

    The oxblood CVT always seems to have bigger difference piece to piece than the traditional NVT. A SA told me that the grainier and heavier the texture the darker the colour comes out and the very smooth CVT bags come out much lighter and brighter.
  3. Tbh all the oxblood bays i have seen look battered and worn not new the leather is dreadful and the colour seems patchy
  4. Not sure how to multi-quote, but thank you both for taking the time to reply. I am desperate for a bag in this colour, but wonder whether the CVT leather is for me. I have been spoiled with glossy goat and soft grain, and this one just doesn't seem as resilient. I woke up in the middle of the night with buyer's remorse, which I had put down to a bank holiday vino, but perhaps not!

    I have the afternoon off, so will return it today.
  5. If you can find a preloved black forest one it is a world better deep rich colour and fab leather id love to find one too!!!
  6. I'll be stalking the usual places - thanks for the suggestion!

    The decision to return was made easier by a HG bag just popping up at NPN, it has to be said...
  7. I own oxblood nvt bays.
    Yes, elvis hates them. But, I still love elvis. ;) ♥
    Got my bag when color 1st introduced.
    Has worn as a trooper--only now starting to show bit of color fade on a corner.
    And I use her a lot, not horribly carefully.
    But addicted to collonil. :biggrin:

    More recently, got poppy red nvt bays.
    Do notice a difference.
    Not just in leather, but seam allowance, general sewing/quality.
    Is a great bag. But not AS great as older oxblood bag.

    So, follow your heart--guess you returned. :sad:
    Are problems with preloved, also.
    Sealant turning to mush, recalled bags slipping through, damage from long storage, etc.
    Nothing is risk free & easy. But, what in life is?! ;)
  8. I have an oxblood Bays too, have been using it for work (5 days a week) for about 6 months, no issues except a bit of corner fading, but I am not careful about it and tend to hurl it on my coat rack's metal shelf when I get home. I give it a does of Collonil about once every month or two. Will post pics later.
  9. I have the oxblood SBS, used it daily for work for several months, and it's still looking good! Very slight fading on the corners, which I will keep an eye on and try a coloured gel/cream if needed (if I can find a good match). Mine is a lovely smooth leather, deliberately chosen vs grainier ones in store, and it looks nice and sleek. I might be a bit more paranoid about such a smooth leather on a full size Bays though - would probably look for more grain.
  10. +1
    I agree with Black Forest!! There is one on the finer things Aberdeen.

    I love oxblood on my medium lily where it is lovely, gorgeous and saturated and I find the leather quite thick. In my opinion oxblood looks good on the bays too but I don't own one so I can't comment on the leather used for the bays.

    If you have buyers' regret it is not love. Maybe you find the oxblood too dark for a larger bag?
  11. Oooh which one? I was going to recommend neon blue. It is absolutely gorgeous and you have no blue in your collection :smile: I wish I could buy it but I have too much blue already!
  12. Sorry cannot multi-quote again!!! I've taken the Bays back today and got a refund. Just couldn't get on with the thin leather at all.

    CPrincessUK, I like dark bags so that's not a problem (cough, cough have added a black Alexa with nickel hw and a black soft grain Bays with nickel hw since February...). Blue would be fab! But no microfibre for me, unless it was a very good price!

    I've bought a Valentine Alexa :biggrin: I had a red Alexa last year, which was returned and refunded due to a defect. I always regretted saying goodbye to it, rather than getting it replaced, so was all over this today!

  13. Congrats on your Lexy. I ️ Lexy. Enjoy her.
  14. Congrats on your new Alexa! I've noticed that the NVT bags currently in stores are very thin (all colours). I also wonder how they will hold up over time as my older NVT bags seem indestructible! This seems to be quite a recent change (newer bags). They seem like a totally different leather. They are more even in tone though...
  15. Ooh, Valentine's Alexa is so pretty!