Nuxe Body's body contouring oil

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  1. Hi there! Are there any users of the oil? It is specifically targeted for infiltrated cellulite!

    I have been using Clarins' oil since my pregnancy two years old. And it works! But, it is a costly product so I bought a small bottle of Nuxe oil to try out now. I figured if I don't see results in the next two months, I can switch to Clarins and still be bikini ready!;))

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Nuxe products are really quite nice.. try it you may like it
  3. Have u tried other products from them? If yes, do share your feedback.:smile:) I just started using the oil this evening; will post my review.
  4. I have usdd the Huile Prodigieuse oil.. I put it on right before I come out of the shower
    & then use my body cream..

    It's nice on the skin & is lightweight & not oily, heavy or sticky

    It' a multi purpose oil but I only use it on my body not my face or hair