Nuvolato Veneta...should I take the plunge???

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  1. I am eyeing the nuvolato veneta bag in medium....but I'm REALLY nervous about stains etc. Any one have any advice on this? How easily marked are the light bags? I've only ever had dark BVs before. Thanks!!!
  2. Yes you should:graucho:.

    Why? Because I just got one (Large), and I love it! I'm only marginally worried about stains (I was blinded by lust when I first saw a photo on here)....I'll just wear it with lighter-summery clothes and hope for the best.
  3. Please tell me where you found the medium. I too am blinded by lust after just viewing a picture on this forum.
  4. ^BV at City Center, LV has the medium. Ask for Marina 702-220-4751

    Olympia - don't worry about it getting dirty (you're not going to put it on the floor). The texture and color variation is beautiful.
  5. Thank you!!!
  6. yes, do - it is beautiful!!!
  7. Oh, the nuvolato is pure ugly!! Worst looking bag I have ever seen.

    :lolots: Can you tell I don't want them to sell out before I can get mine?? LOL
  8. ^^Interesting aproach Ethel!!
  9. Enjoy this bag.. it is beautiful...
  10. i have not seen the bag irl but based on the picture i would be nervous about stains. i have a noce bag and am not nervous so maybe it would be ok. is it nappa or nappa umbria? that could be a factor-
  11. Annie - my SA said that the leather is quite durable and stain resistant. I wouldn't be afraid to carry it at all, but then I am from the garage to the car and not walking city streets. (At least most of the time! LOL)
  12. I may wear denim too often... LOVE the bag...and keep picturing denim transfer on the back corner...
  13. kroquet - did she really say "stain resistant"? I don't think that's true. :confused1: I agree with the "durable" part though. It does feel thicker than the usual Veneta because of the nuvolato & normal intrecciato combo.

    Olympia177 - I am dying to own this bag in Large but had to postpone due to my recent acquisition. :graucho: Perhaps the usual spraying of Appleguard will help prevent water stains, etc but really, I don't think there's any leather bag out there that's immune to stains. Over time, it will also develop a patina so the color variation will become darker (richer?)... some people like this. Good luck deciding!

    And BTW, even the darkest part of the nuvolato fettuce on this bag is lighter than Noce.
  14. TDL I'll email her and ask again. I may have misunderstood in my lust for the bag.
  15. I'm often times found walking the streets :graucho: :lolots: :shocked:

    I live in jeans and never have color transfer but I am careful not to let my bag rub hard :nuts: against my body!!!! That's for you kroquet :lol: