1. does anyone have pictures of themselves with their nuvola's? i just got one & i'm not sure it i'm just not wearing it right, but it will not stay on me!
  2. I just pictured you "not wearing it right" with your foot in the pocket and the strap around your neck all confused. :smile:
    All right, here's a really crappy picture. I took it with a timer and my cat just had to get into the picture. It sucks but I saved it because it's funny.
  3. so you are supposed to wear it "cross-body"! & your cat is ADORABLE!
  4. Yeah, its an across the body type of bag :yes:
  5. no he's not, he's a jerk. He took a flying leap into the picture that's why we all look slightly askew. I was off kilter from a stealth attack!

    I still :heart: him though.
  6. nice inferno nuvola :biggrin: ...aww such a cute kitty...he just wanted to been seen by us :biggrin:
  7. Cool, I found this thread! I was thinking about getting a Nuvola but I wanted to see how it looked on.

    Robotkitten, how do you like it? Do you use it alot? It looks cute on you! :p
  8. Leen..I think I am in love with Nuvola. I dont have one yet, But i am going to get one in this bag style. I have tried it on in MAcys and love love love it!
  9. That's what i should do, put one on in the store... didn't think of that.. lol.. thanks!
  10. I use it a lot. I'm lazy and don't like bags I have to carry. I either use my Scuola for a lot of stuff, ciao for barely any stuff or Nuvola for everything in between. :yes:
  11. robokitte, how many nuvola do you own ? What is the best print for a nuvola..i wonder.
  12. just one in inferno :smile:
  13. ooh? i thought u got an adios star too?? hahaha... yeah inferno is the best :graucho:
  14. I was thinking about it but I found (or rather Jen found) the perfect adios Canguro. I'm holding out for transpoto for a second Nuvola. :yahoo:
  15. oh ok cool :graucho: