Nuvola question

  1. does any one else find that the strap is super long so the bag hangs really low. when i first tried it on it looked fine because it was empty but the moment i put things in it, it just dropped really low and i dont like it.

    i was thinking of pinning the strap up but its my friends bag so i cant really do that to it.

    has anyone else had this problem?
  2. ya the strap is really long.. i have to pull it to the tightest.. but now i haf a really long strap hanging out at the end all the time.. looks really weird..
  3. Yes I feel the same way. Not sure what to do about it tho. I still love it!
  4. i'm sure that this has been asked a million times as well, but what do you guys use your nuvolas for?
    are they too big to substitute a purse?
  5. Honestly, a Nuvola is not that big at all. I think you can fit more into a Zucca, Gioco, or even a Mamma Mia than in a Nuvola. What I love about is that it slings over the shoulder so carrying it is a lot easier, especially if you have your hands full (like when you go shopping with kids).
  6. I'm intrigued by the Nuvola and I want one. I think Paradiso looks so pretty on a Nuvola!

    Is there a way to wear it cross body without it being on your back? Like, could you slide it around so it's hanging by your hip?

  7. well the bag itself is kinda long, si i dont think that would work. it might look weird. i tried to wear it other ways but really its on the back or nothing.
  8. I tried on a Nuvola, and wore it only on my left shoulder rather than cross-body right-shoulder-to-left-hip. The rounded main part of the bag hit me on the hip/cheek. I'm about 5'2" for reference and I think the straps were shortened but don't remember if it was shortened to the max. It seemed to fit fine, not sticking out weird or anything.

    If you do wear it the other side, it might be awkward, as the shape of the bag is not designed to be worn the opposite way. I tried it on cross-body going left-shoulder-to-right-hip and it stuck out strangely and sorta droopily on my back. Best to try on in person in whatever print you come across just to see what it looks like.

    I was interested in it because I like the shape especially in a solid color so the rainbow zippers are highlighted, but I don't think I can fit my gym clothes plus shoes in it too easily. Anyone else use it as such and everything fits ok?

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    XD is like a squinchy-eyed face smiling, like when you know you shouldn't be spending this much on toki (eyes sort of squished in mock pain) but you did it anyway, oh no you din't!

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  9. Thanks, everyone, for answers to all my questions!!! :tup:

    (And I still think I want a Nuvola). :rolleyes:

  10. do they still have inferno nuvolas at the outlets?
  11. I was told I bought the last one at SH. But it never hurts to give them a call again and make sure. I've seen Paradiso Nuvolas and they looked pretty cute. Too bad I didn't want a Nuvola at the time.