Nuvola - how to wear

  1. Okay I give up. I can't figure out how to put this thing on. I got it for my daughter's birthday and now I'm not sure she'll even like it. It's so strange. I hope it will look better if I can figure out how it is suppose to go. Help me!
  2. I have always wanted one.. Hmm maybe I'll get it in Transporto.. lol damnit I cant think about this. I am on a ban.. well let's see how long it'll last.. I'll give you a hint, not :lol:
  3. When I first saw the nuvola on the lesportsac website, I wanted to buy it to use it as a bookbag. I got to macy's and who knew that it was so small. Is it just me or is the nuvola really just for kids?
  4. Believe me it is not just for kids. I'm 39 with 2 kids and because it is a bag that is worn across the body, it keeps my hands free (to haul back a kid from crossing in front of a car or something - whew!). What I love most is that small pocket in the middle of the belt. When worn properly, that small pocket should land about the middle of your chest with the zipper facing up, and it is a great place for a phone or car keys. Good luck.
  5. It's a backback, sling style. It's not that confusing LOL :smile:. I like it for hands free when i dont need something as large as my corriere
  6. I've had my eye on a bianco one lately but I'm still thinking about it. I don't own any nuvolas. Here I thought you wear it slung over your shoulder with the middle as the cushion part on your shoulder.
  7. Oh its a pocket, not a cushion. Its real easy to get stuff in and out off because of how the pockets zip, so its not like you have to take it off/put it on everytime you need something. But yeah, its not very big. I can aways take some pics when I get home if people want some.
  8. I agree with you wklouie, it's great when I need my hands free when I'm out and about with my 2 boys. I own a few of them and plan on ordering more.
  9. I'm with you ladies, same situation with 4 kids. I LOVE that I can hear my cellphone ring becuse it's in the chest pocket. That only happens with my Nuvola. :smile: My foresta Nuvola is also the only bag anyone ever comments on. I love it. : ):heart:
  10. Thanks this helps. I did finally figure it out - and I also figured out that it doesn't work if you try it on the other shoulder. And I too thought the little puffy bag was a shoulder cushion. I'm still not sure though what my daughter will think about it. I might instead (sob sob) give her the pirata bambione I've been hiding in the back of my closet for myself and trade or sell the nuvola later. (I really liked those pirate girls too!) Oh well, there will be other bags....I hope.
  11. This is a terrible thread! It has opened my eyes to what a great hands-free bag the nuvola is and I just bought an Inferno nuvola off of eBay. I am so weak.

  12. yes i totally agree! even though all the other totes and purses have a pocket just for the mobile phone, i find it quite annoying having to open up the big zipper to access my phone. with the nuvola, my phone is just under my nose...literally! LOVE IT!:tup:
  13. I only wish you could wear it the opposite way. I'm a lefty and I tried this bag on in Macy's and it kinda felt backwards if that makes any sense. :sad:
  14. hehe there should be a limited edition version of the nuvola for lefties hehe