Nutty things LV SA's tell you...

  1. I just went to the newest LV boutique in Century City (L.A.) on Saturday to check out the Mini Lin and by, the SA and I got around to talking about all the different countries LV's are made in, and he said to me that the "Made In... tags" don't really indicate where the bags are made, but actually only tell you "where they are shipped from".

    I was like, "huh"? & then looked at him, expecting him tell me that what he said was just a joke.

    He never did.

    Any other outrageous things your SA's ever tell you! Let's get some laughs from this! :p
  2. Are you serious?
  3. Edz, I am not even kidding could I ever make up a thing like that? :shrugs: I promptly set down the Mini Lin Speedy and said I would come back another time...I'm not gonna purchase it from this SA! Hee hee...
  4. *gasp* so what does the words "Made In" mean? shouldn't it change to "Shipped From" instead? gosh, i am sorry the SA ruined ur day.....but not all SA are wise about LV, so i still have my hope Made in France really mean the bag is being produced in France.......
  5. My SA informed me that the miroir was NOT limited (this was the DAY before it was released here):nuts:
  6. I don't mean it that way... Just strange. Eeeks me out a bit! Maybe there are some truth behind it..... maybe some bit a made elsewhere and then esemble in France or where and then shipped from its last location! Maybe the tag is that says made in France (or where ever) as is actually the only piece that is "made in france"!

    Just theories... I have a headache so I come out with things like this.
  7. hmm.. i once had an SA at the beverly center boutique tell me that the largest store is hollywood and highland.


    i've been to the H&H store. it's no where near large. LOL.

    and once at the Rodeo store, an SA told me that the jewelry is expensive because it's handcrafted silver. wtf. IMO, i thought it was expensive cuz its PLATINUM........

  8. :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:

    I'm lost... Is it my headache again?????

  9. Classic, I refuse to believe there is any truth in what he said. :p It really doesn't make any sense anyways! He was pretty young, AND he was working at the newest LV boutique opened in West L.A.

    By the way, he didn't ruin my day, he just almost made me laugh in his face, that's all. :lol: You're a big LV fan, have you ever had any unknowledgeable SA serve you? If so, what did they do or say?
  10. tifferz, it makes some sort of sense.. not for LV specifically, but a lot of companies/etc do this with their products. Like Apple with their ipods.. except they specify where everything comes from and where it's actually made.. a lot of other companies/products just say it's made in a certain country, but you can tell by the quality that it was composed of pieces from others, or assembled in others and brought to the major known country to be put together in a finalized state & inspection. (ie: certain clothes may say they come from 'portugal' or 'italy' when the stitching or fabrics may have come from china or something. get it?)
  11. Oh, Edz! I didn't take what you said in a negative way at all! I shoulda used a different smilie, mebbe the one that's laughing its head off. Sorry! The whole situation just made me laugh and I wanted to share its silliness.

    You bring up a good theory though, about the bag being assembled in the place its tag states. That is the only thing that would make what the SA said make sense. However, the SA never said anything about assembly in the country specified, he only said that the "Made in..." tag specifies the country the product was shipped from and has nothing to do about where it was made. Weird thing to say, huh?

    I don't believe that that's an answer LV would ever train any SA to tell LV customers.

    I left the boutique thoroughly confused and shaking my head in disbelief.
  12. phew, that's good to know that SA didn't ruined ur day:yes: unknowledgeable SA? hum....the ones that told me Sophie WILL BE introduced to mainland USA, just like the Panda.....:cursing: (%!(*@:cursing:*grinding teeth*
  13. OMG...that is hilarious. Maybe the SA was a temp worker...heh.

  14. Frozen, this definitely makes sense to me, Edz was kinda hinting the same thing.

    The funny thing was that the SA kept stressing that it was just "shipped" from the country specified on the tag and that the tagged country had "nothing" to do with where it was made.

    To me, the words "made" & "assembled" do mean the same thing, as both require craftmanship. Something being merely shipped from the location should not be tagged as being "made" in that country.

    I think the SA might have thought the word "shipped" and "assembled" meant the same thing?

    Either way, the SA had a pretty funny & weird way of explaining things. Definitely not LV scripted.
  15. it definitely is weird and confusing at times to hear what spits out of the mouths of SAs (LV or not!)!! hahaha.. one of my associates told a customer that our towels get BIGGER with every wash.. they actually get MORE ABSORBENT hahahah.. oh man. and the customer happened to be a secret shopper too, so needless to say, everyone in corporate was like, "WTF... :shocked: " hahah