Nutty Phil Spector goes off in speech at Ike Turner's funeral

  1. I'm not sure if this belongs in the celeb section, but since Spector killed a woman in his house a few years ago, I thought it was somewhat newsworthy... it is hilarious how Spector feels a 'kinship' with Ike Turner- since he himself has a history of abusing women, what a nutter :rolleyes:,2933,317986,00.html

    Spector Rips Tina at Ike Turner's Funeral

    Saturday, December 22, 2007
    By Roger Friedman
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    Dec. 21: Music producer Phil Spector, center smiles during a memorial service for Ike Turner in Gardena, Calif.

    Spector Rips Tina at Ike Turner's Funeral

    Music legend and murder suspect, Phil Spector, isn't trying to make friends or curry favor with old pals while he waits for a second trial. He turned up at reviled R&B legend Ike Turner's Los Angeles funeral on Friday and gave an impromptu speech that laid into both Tina Turner and Oprah Winfrey.

    Spector, according to our spy in the Greater Bethany Community Church in Gardena, Calif., was among several celebrity mourners including Bonnie Raitt and Little Richard

    "I'm so sorry, I wasn't prepared to say anything," said the thin and frail-looking music producer. "Nobody had told me that I was going to speak. This is a very sad occasion for me."

    Spector rambled, but he had points to make. Here they are, for better or worse:

    "First of all, the things that were said about Ike, that were in that piece-of-trash movie they made about him were ... (applause), it was a piece-of-trash movie. I haven't seen the movie but it was told to me, and [ who gathered to say good-bye to the Grammy-winning musician. Barney] Kessel was the world's greatest guitar player in the world and the only reason that Ike didn't play on 'River Deep, Mountain High' was because Ike was the second greatest guitar player in the world. I treasured him and everybody knew it except Ike. That's how good he was
    "B.B. King told me at a party with Doc Pomus and Joe Turner and Ray Charles

    "Ike could play circles around sitting there that Ike Turner was the only guitar player he wouldn't play behind. That's how good he was. But Ike never boasted. He came to parties with me and I'd say, 'play, play' and Ike would never play.Eric Clapton and Eric knew it. I had someone once ask me what's the difference between Ike Turner and Eric Clapton. I said, 'you don't know the difference between Eric Clapton and Ike Turner? That's funny, why don't you ask Eric, Eric knows.'"

    "Ike made Tina the jewel she was. When I went to see Ike play at the Cinegrill in the '90s after his absurd reason for being sent to prison for no reason other than being a black man in America, there were at least, and I counted them, five Tina Turners on the stage performing that night, any one of them could have been Tina Turner."

    "And sell-out, whom you really love and respect but I have an ambivalence towards Oprah Winfrey. She made Tina Turner's book into a bestseller, which demonized and vilified Ike. The book wouldn't have sold 10 books. It was badly written. It was a piece of trash and because Oprah idolized Tina, she didn't feel it wrong to vilify a 'brother.'"
    "Other black sisters did the same thing to Ike and there was a very famous story about Whoopi Goldberg, who had a television show for about five minutes, interviewed Ike. Ike had called me and said, 'Shall I do the show?'

    "I said, 'You can't get hurt.' And he said, 'OK, I'm going to do it.'

    "And we figured it would be good because it's Whoopi and Whoopi asked him, 'I understand before you were married when you were living together, you beat the hell out of her and she tried to commit suicide because she was so terrified of you and she tried to jump out of a window,' and Ike said, 'Yeah, but it's hard to jump out of a window from a basement floor.'"

    "It was only one Ike. I learned more from Ike than any professors I've been around. He never, ever bothered me. He never interfered with me. He never got in my way."

    "When we did 'River Deep Mountain High,' people said you can't put Ike and Tina Turner's name on that record. It won't sell because they are rhythm and blues and it's a pop record. I said I signed Ike and Tina Turner, it won't even say featuring Tina Turner; it's Ike and Tina Turner."

    Spector said part of the reason he became disillusioned with the record business was because he could not make Ike and Tina as big of an act as he wanted. "I wanted them to be the biggest revue in America. They were the first act that I recorded that ever could play big-time and break it in Vegas and America."
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  4. I was wondering what hairdo he would be sporting since he got off.

  5. LOL!!
  6. OMG, I read this yesterday.

    Phil Spector has NO respect for women. He thought Ike was a God, one he created, and that Tina probably deserved the beatings.

    The LAST person I would want to speak at someone's funeral is Phil Spector, who's awaiting a second trial for the murder of Lana Clarkson. What idiot allowed him in the damn place and asked him to speak anyway?

    The Boys Club still survives.
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  9. LOL @ BagNShoe

    I dare anyone to speak ill of Tina for NOT attending this man's funeral :boxing:.
  10. Wow what a nutter and a pig--rutting in the trough of another pig, Ike Turner.

    I wonder how that beautiful woman who married Spector recently can stand to look at herself in the mirror, let alone go out in public?
  11. $$$$$
  12. Nobody cares about Phil Spector. He must know that, and now he's just trying to create some controversy and get some media attention. Because, you know...even bad press is "good" press. Ask Will Smith.
  13. In the early nineties my sister had given me a book to read, it was an autobiography by the lead singer Ronny from the sixties group The Ronnettes. She was married to Phil Spector. HORRORS, what that woman endured? Like Tina Turner she had to escape with her life. So yea, Phil would love Ike, they're cut from the same seedy cloth.
  14. Oh, I agree Caxe, any attention is fine by them. Keeps their names/faces in the media. Personally, I got sick of seeing Spector everytime I channel surfed through the Court TV channel, soon to be known as "Tru-TV".

    Hmm... wonder what his real hair looks like. If he has any.
  15. I just read an article by Dominic Dunn who highly recommends this book.