Nuts...2 Bs in 1 week!

  1. Well, was searching high and low for a Black or Anthracite G21 RGGH for weeks and was just about to give up when I finally manage to find this lovely!

    As we all know, temptations from Bal are always too hard to resist. So while I was searching for above, fell in love with Rose Thulian too. Saw this lovely WE and immediately fell in love. Then again, felt it was really a bit huge but come on, it will match one of my casual outfits or put into perfect use for the once in a blue moon overnight stay, right?! :P

    So uh-hum, here they are!
    IMG_2911.JPG IMG_2951.jpg IMG_2906.jpg
  2. Different colours under different lightings!
    IMG_2946.jpg IMG_2948.jpg
  3. oh congratulation on finding your dream bag, and that WE in that colour is TDF!!!
  4. ouh, beautiful color, but this is a WE? they come with only 2 studs instead of 3 now?? that's really some cost cutting from Bal huh~
  5. Congrats!!! Bals are so enticing!
  6. Wow, you are lucky! Got yourself some really pretty bags there! Did you buy them used?
  7. very nice color!!
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    just in love with your black work. Cant wait to get my hands over a black bal !! Its TIMELSS. Congrats.
  9. can u post a mod pics of both please please ??!!