Nutritional value of Sushi

  1. I love sushi and can eat them almost everyday.

    Does anybody know how nutritious they are? I like to eat the California rolls and the catepillar rolls the most.

    I am trying to obtain a better diet and don't know how sushi fits in with everything:wondering
  2. i am also curious about this .....
  3. i LOVEEEEEEEE sushi!!
    but not too surre about nutritional values..=p
    don't really care too!
  4. I am seriously addicted to sushi! I could eat it everyday! From what I have heard, it is pretty nutritious. The only problem with sushi is what you put on it: mayo based sauce, soy sauce (high sodium) etc. And if they put sugar in the rice to sweeten it (I have heard this too- but not to sure if it is true) then that can detract from its nutritious value.

    When I am trying to loose weight, like now, I just skip soy sauce, and am careful to ask how they make their spicy sauces because some restaurants make their spicy sauce with some form of mayo. OH, and NO tempura because it is fried.

    For the most part, it is a great meal! I plan to get some tomorrow night!!!!! YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Hehe, I know! I could go on a sushi diet b/c I love it so much!
  6. I am seriously craving it right now because of this thread! LOL!
  7. I know the seaweed is CRAZY healthy! Also, opt for their lower sodium soy sauce, I've never been to a sushi bar that doesn't have it.
  8. I think even the low sodium soy has 500mg of sodium per serving. It is a great alternative, but if you are trying to loose weight, just beware of your overall sodium consumption so you know what you can and cannot afford to have.
  9. I usually get sashimi instead of sushi because rice makes me full too quickly.
    I can eat it everyday too! Yummy!
  10. Sushi is quite healthy. The fish is good protein and the seaweed is awesome. Sodium can be bad for you, but in moderation is low cal and ok. I used to cut out some of the rice to cut the calories...but even w/ all the rice, it's one of the healthiest take-out or restaurant options out there.
  11. i love sushi/sashimi and have it all the time...i was wondering why the soy sauce is bad for a diet though? :shame:
  12. If you can't forego the soy sauce {I can't!} make sure and drink a butt-load of water afterwards.
    Aside from chinese food or sushi, my diet isn't really sodium rich anyhow.
  13. I think that is the key to sodium -- you have to balence it w/ water:smile:

    I'm not an expert, but I don't think salt and sodium are innately bad for you though -- it depends upon your overall health and the amount that you consume. One of my older friends (70+) for example, has high blood pressure so really has to watch sodium. Meanwhile, when I was younger I had LOW blood pressure which caused me to faint occassionally. My physician recommended INCREASING salt. I know some others who received that recommendation as well. I guess it's all about moderation.
  14. I think that sushi is a very nutritional food and provides a good balance of carbs, protein and fat...
  15. sushi seems very nutritional, esp if u cut down on that soy sauce and mayo. and dont do buffets, cuz its all about portion control! i looooovee sushi!!!!! omg i want some NOW!