Nutritional Diet to lose weight? I am eating 1300 cal. & trouble losing weight

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  1. i have been at the same weight for the past two weeks. I have only started eating 1300 calories for about the last 2 weeks also. My dr. told me if I lose about 10 lbs then I could possibly lose a bit of my chest. I am determined to have a smaller chest if only a cup size smaller by summer. I was watching Biggest Loser yesterday (tivo-ed) and one of hte problems they pointed out to one of hte guys was he was he was restricting his calories too much and not get enough carbs.. maybe that is my problem. I also started working out and doing cardio last week and have been at it everyday for 30 minutes a day doing elliptical and treadmill in 10 min intervals (treadmill, elliptical, treadmill or vice vesa) to break up the monotony of it all.
    Every morning I have a fiber one bar and a bottle of water on the way to the gym, for lunch I have an apple and tuna fish, for dinner I usually have a meat and vegetables and one 1/2 cup of ice cream. I eat popcorn throughout the day and peanut butter pretzels. I don't feel deprieved at all and I know the food I eat probably is not the best for me but I don't know what to change to make the weight drop off of me. With these things I can eat and be full and still stay around 1300 calories. I know I am not going over 1300 calories b/c I keep a food diary and make sure to put in every bite I eat.

    Anyone have advice?
  2. Here is the beginning of my advice. Re-read the part that I quoted from you...and tell me if it makes any sense.

    Your first sentence from the part I quoted contradicts the very thing you are trying to accomplish.

    In short you said you know you aren't eating what is best, but you don't want to change, and you want the weight to drop.

    Read my next post.
  3. Why are you eating ice cream? For the supplemental calories to reach 1,300 calories? Also stop the peanut butter pretzels.

    While I didn't do the math, by just glancing at what you eat...and the fact that you said you feel full by how little you're consuming too many fats. The fats take a longer time to digest. So, you are correct in that you feel full (because of the reasons already mentioned)...

    So...assuming you're consuming too many fats, you are also correct in that you're not consuming enough protein and carbs.

    My basic recommendations (w/o doing the math):

    1) Stop the fiber one bar. Instead, eat a bowl of oatmeal. Add a banana if you want.
    2) How is the tuna fish prepared? Is the tuna fish a tuna steak? Or a can of tuna fish (w/ water or oil)? Or tuna fish w/ mayo?
    3) Stop the ice cream. Replace it w/ something else that is healthier, like a cup of yogurt.

    Popcorn is good to snack on, but keep the salt and butter out of it. But my recommendation would be to replace the popcorn w/ carrots or a piece of fruit (like an apple or peach). Eliminate the peanut butter pretzels. Instead, out of a handful of raw cashews instead for the essential fats you need. And if you want pretzels, stick to the regular type if you peanut butter w/ them (I have these in my office).
  4. I am fairly sure that you are going over 1300 calories because most people underestimate their portion sizes. Moreover, the food you are eating and the distribution of calories are not going to help you lose weight. Most of what you are eating is composed of empty calories. You need to give your body food with nutritional value.
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    I can give you a better guideline on what to eat.

    But you have to GIVE me something (adjustments to your eating habits), in order for you to RECEIVE something in return (namely the body you want).
  6. Sorry, I meant I do want to change, NOT not change my diet. I know I need to completely over haul my diet. I know it is not good for me. I am just very picky so I do not know what to eat for it to be good for me.

    I am fairly sure my calories are fairly close.
    Fiber One bar: 140 calories
    Small Apple 77 calories,
    Chicken of the Sea Tuna Fish in cup (light tuna in water, ready to eat, no draining required) 80
    Popcorn: 15 calories/1 cup popped.. I eat roughly 4-5 cups so 75 calories roughly
    Peanut Butter Pretzels: 140 calories/10 pretzels...I will eat roughly 15 or so 210 calories
    Steamfresh frozen single serving corn 80 calories
    Dinner meat roughly 2/3 of my fist and whatever vegetable side.
    1/2 cup ice cream: 160 calories with 1/2 cup of blueberries at 93 calories

    Everything I eat is portioned controlled except dinner, the popcorn and pretzels. The popcorn has 7 1/2 cups popped in each bag so I cant eat more than 115 calories or so. There is a possiblity I am eating more pretzels than I think I am but I do not think many more than I have listed. I drink coke zero and water and no other beverage. Some days I will eat a Lean Cusine french bread pepperoni pizza at 330 calories for lunch.

    My dinners are not big to-dos so I don't think I am getting a whole lot of extra calories from it but maybe I am getting more than I think. It is always just meat and vegetable though.
  7. BTW...I absolutely apologize for how rude/harsh my posts sound! I absolutely do not mean for it to come out that way (and it is too late for me to edit the wording) and I realized that after I re-read my own posts.
  8. You didn't sound rude at all. I am really determined to do this and I need to do it the healthy way though otherwise I know it wont last. Right now I have a lot of time on my hands and do not have to leave to go anywhere for work or anything else so I just work out and come home and run errands from time to time. I am not a big person by any means, I am at a very healthy weight but every year I am so self conscious of my body b/c my chest is so large. My dr. advised me if I were to lose 10 lbs I could possibly lose some in my chest. That is my goal..well that and to be healthy. I am 27 and it is time I stop eating like a college student and start thinking like a person who wants to raise healthy kids and all that.
  9. Spot reduction doesn't necessarily work. To some extent, does, but not significantly in my opinion.

    Excuse me for asking, but are you fairly muscular (body wise)? Do you have more solid/dense breast tissue or less so? some ways will be a factor in how much you can lose from your chest. Individuals with dense breast tissue tend to have a harder time losing weight from their chest area (in my opinion).

    Another question is...why are you focused more on losing weight near your chest area? (It just seems that way based on the thread so far).

    There are some women that quite frankly will not lose much size in their boobs. Just a matter of determining how your body responds.
  10. Do you have a heart rate monitor -- one that you can use at the gym to calculate how many calories you burn with each workout? You might not be burning enough calories to lose weight (and I also agree you need to make some different food choices).

    Remember that 3,500 calories = one pound. So you have to create a deficit of this many calories through portion control and exercise. Basically since you're already eating very low calorie I would focus on burning 3,500 calories/week through exercise.

    If you're going to work out more, make sure that you are eating enough protein to sustain you. Also cut back on foods with high fat content (ice cream and buttered popcorn).
  11. It really depends on how much you weigh now to start with.

    And even if you WERE eating 1300 for sure, I don't think thats too little to be honest. You'll read in magazines that anything under 1200 for anyone will create a famine state.. thats not really true unless you are a 180lb man made all of muscle.

    Cutting calories is what does the work of weight loss. OF COURSE I would never ever discourage anyone from working out (I"m a fitness trainer that would be against me! lol) However, caloric defecit is much easier achieved from cutting your consumption. Upping your expenditure will help, but if it takes you an hour to burn 200 calories while working out, thats just one candy bar. Diet is hands down the biggest part of losing weight.

    Exercise is essential for fitness, health, and for many clients, mental adherence to the lifestyle of weight loss. It cannot be your primary tool for weight loss. WIth that in mind... lets say you are a woman who weighs 150, and you want to be 130. I would take 130 x 10 and say thats a pretty good ballpark of the kind of diet that will get weight loss results. Lots of people need results to stay motivated, and this is what you need to do to get results. If you are ok with slow-ish results, by all means.. eat more! Some people need to, they can't live on 1300 a day. But I guarentee if you eat vegetables, lean means, avoid sugar, avoid the pretsels and PB, have only non caloric drinks, 1300 can definitely feel like enough...

    Of course this is not a sure fire formula. But in my experience it does the trick. As long as you don't cut calories alot AND workout for an hour seven days a week, nothing should be shutting down. But if you cut calories enough, you probably won't be able to do that much anyway. I'd say that 45mins of cardio 4 or 5 times a week and weights 3x a week would be pretty good.
  12. I am so determined to lose the weight in my chest b/c I am a 30G/H. It is depressing to carry all of this around on my chest. While it does not look odd on me as I am tall, it definitely affects my self esteem especially during the summer. I know my overall body would lose weight and not just in my chest but since I do not have a whole lot of body fat to lose, he said losing 10 lbs should reduce my chest.
    To say all this, for me, is really embarrassing. I don't want people to think I am trying to lose weight to be super skinny or anything. I just want so badly to have a smaller chest that I will try anything. I have decided after this summer if I cannot become comfortable with myself then I will just have a reduction although I hope not to do that.
  13. Well, you have the right basic idea. Dieting is far we can focus on that first. A reduction is far more expensive and s/b a last resort type thing.

    This is a lifestyle change we're talking about...I need you to commit to it.

    And odds are, you're going to spend more money on healthy food. (just as a warning).

    I need you to tell me what foods you are allergic to. Additionally, I need to know what foods you don't eat. In some ways, you may be forced to eat something that is healthy because we're going after the nutritional benefits of the food,...but I'm sure we can work on a few things. Being picky about food...certainly limits that variety you can get from foods. Like I said,...I'll see what I can come up with, once I get some basic food info from you.
  14. Wow. I eat a lot more than that and do not gain or lose. If you are eating too few calories your body will slow down and try to conserve. That is why crash diets are not good for you. You need to get on a good balanced eating program so your body will burn calories more efficiently. As we age, this gets more important.
  15. If you're already at a healthy weight and lean/slim everywhere else, trust me - you will not lose any weight from your breasts. Your breasts may go down by half a cup size but nothing drastic. I am skinny with naturally large breasts so I know that losing weight doesn't make your breasts get smaller unless if you're overweight already and your breasts are mostly composed of fat. If you want a much smaller chest size, you need to get breast reduction surgery.
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