Nutrisystem vs. Smart Ones

  1. Does anyone have some pros and cons when it comes to these? When it comes down to price I think that Smart Ones would be cheaper. I also alreayd know that I like alot of the Smart Ones entrees. Has anyone tried to use Smart Ones as if on a system like Nutrisystem, ie just eating Smart Ones meals. After my wedding I need to whip my butt into shape. Any advice would be great.
    P.S. I would like to lose 80-100 pounds, yikes!

  2. You mean smart ones as in weight watchers frozen meals ? I ate them when I first started WW years ago, but to be honest with you - they don't taste that great, plus they are loaded with sodium.

    Have you thought maybe about joining WW instead or going to nutritionist to learn how to eat right ?
  3. If you are planning to lose a large amount of weight (you said 80-100 lbs), you really should consult with your doctor first. S/he can put you in touch with a nutritionist and other professionals that can help support you as you work on your goal.
    Good for you though and good luck!
  4. honestly, that stuff is all crap, buy good food and portion it out.....
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    You would be far better off to eat a sensible balanced diet and start an exercise plan. I highly recommend that you check out to get you started in the right direction. Also feel free to stop by the Weight Loss Challenge thread anytime for some excellent tips and support from tPF members. I can tell you that this works. I started to eat a well balanced diet, along with some walking at first and then built from there. I also have been a member of tPF Weight Loss Challenge. Since the beginning of Feb., I have lost 70lbs and have about 15 more to go. In July, I was able to get off the blood pressure meds that I had been taking nearly all my adult life. In 2 weeks, I am going to run my first half marathon. Oh and did I mention that I am about to turn 50? So if I can do it, you can! I couldn't have done it without the support and encouragement from my W.L. Challenge sisters - they are just awesome!

    It's true that those frozen meals are filled with nothing that really is good for you. It might be the easy way to go but they are just a band-aid, not a solution. You deserve better than that. Don't wait like I did until life has almost passed you by to start taking good care of you. Allow yourself to be a bit selfish here to slow down and put the focus on you. Do what you need for you whether it's taking the time to shop for healthy foods, cooking a wonderful and nutricious meal, taking a walk, going to the gym, keeping a food journal, or just getting some extra sleep etc. You will be richly rewarded when you look and feel better, are healthy and confident.
    Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! Feel free to pm me anytime if you would like some help getting started and please come by the W.L. Challenge thread to say hi and meet the ladies there. You are an amazing and brave young woman who has kicked a$$ before, this one should be a piece of cake(oops sorry, not cake, piece of cheese perhaps!) for you by comparison!
  6. If you are looking to loose weight I would go see a nutritionist and work out a good plan for you. These frozen meal plans are not healthy for you at all. Plus, once you go off of them, you will just gain any weight you happen to loose right back.
  7. I don't think you can lose 80-100 lbs just from eating those frozen entrees... maybe you should look into WW or Herbal Magic if joining a gym is not your thing?
  8. Smart Ones have far too much sodium to aid in your weight loss. If you can take 1 day to cook ahead and portion it out (use spices instead of salt), you can have at least a week's worth of take-to-work meals that suit all your cravings. Also, since you'd be using ingredients that aren't loaded with preservatives, it would help in your overall health as well.
  9. The reason I said Smart Ones forzen meals is because wouldn't that be the same as Nutrisystem? I really need structure because I need to learn portion control and I really don't like cooking that much. Why is sodium so bad for you? I know it retains water but if I drink alot of water won't it balance out? IDK...
  10. Just seems like if you want to learn portion control, the best way would be to learn how to eat sensibly period and modify your eating habits rather than eating food full of preservatives. My mom used to eat a ton of those and lost with my guidance a lot of weight - over 40 lbs just because like you she wanted to learn smaller portions. She absolutely refused though to go to ww meetings or to learn lifestyle modification strategies. Then she started a new relationship, going out to dinner all the time and stopped eating them and it all went downhill, she gained all the weight back and more. The point is had she actually took the time to learn how to eat healthy rather than going the easy way and eating frozen meals all the day, she probably would have retained her weight loss.

    People that loose a large amount of weight and retain that weight loss, change their eating habits and outlook on how they eat.
  11. I did Nutrisystem last year and the food was gross! The NS stuff has even more preservatives than the Smart Ones because it doesn't need to be frozen. I occasionally eat Smart Ones/Lean Cuisine/Healthy Choice for convenience. But I'm currently losing my weight using my Bodybugg with regular foods and exercise. Good luck!
  12. ^^After I saw NutriSystem meals on the shelves at BIG LOTS (!!!), I vetoed it forever. Those looked barfy enough, I didn't want to know what was in the meal delivery. Plus, it went straight to BL instead of, say, Kroger.
  13. LOL @ Big Lots!
    My dog wouldn't even eat my Nutrisystem leftovers and he eats anything!
  14. IMO Nutrisystem meals are really gross.

    A far better option is a fresh food delivery service like eDiets. Other ones which are good (but more expensive) are Freshology or the Fresh Diet.