Nutrisystem on QVC

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  1. The today's special value is a 4 week meal plan for 167.... I'mthinking of trying it! Anyone done it??
  2. The reviews are very polar on their site so I dunnoo...
  3. Thanks, I think I'll pass!
  4. I tried it and all I can say is YUCKO! :yucky:
  5. My dogs wouldn't eat that food they send you.
  6. i haven't tried nutrisystem but i am on jc. i love the food. the only thing is that it is expensive for some. it does help you get adjusted to portion control and you then do it for yourself when you eat out.
  7. My sister and neighbor bought their food. UGH. My sister tried but could not do it. She hated the food but did eat it along with eating she did not loose weight. My neighbor was so sure this would work for her and bought a month's worth of food and lasted 4 days. She said she fed her dog better food than this. You might be able to get it cheaper on eBay but I would try a week's worth. There are no magic fixes. Weight Watchers or Lean Cusine frozen dinners would taste and look so much better.