Nutri-System anyone?

  1. So i've been very seriously considering buying the Nutri-System meals...I've gained 20 pounds in the past year, this morning put on a new t-shirt and had to take it off due to very visible lady lumps - ie my love handles and stomach. *ick*

    Has anyone tried this and does it work?
  2. If you do a search of this forum, I believe there was a thread about NutriSystem where some members shared their experiences with it.
  3. Danica I did it and I HATED every minute of it. The food is AWFUL. Just awful The only thing I did like was the pizza. Thats it!! Jenny craigs food is by far more tasty. However, I think weight watchers is just the BEST!
  4. ^ really?? .. alright I'm gonna try a search on weight watchers...I know there are some of those threads in here. Thanks girls!
  5. the only thing about weight watchers is that there are no pre-packaged meals.. eek! maybe Jenny Craig then...

  6. Are you looking for something specifically with packaged meals? I think Weight Watchers is the more sensible plan out of the three (NutriSystem, Jenny Craig, WW). I'm pretty sure that WW helps you with choosing the right foods. It also has more "wiggle" room with the points system, so that after a couple of weeks you don't want to throw up at the sight of one more packaged meal :p
  7. Danica you can get ALLLL prepacked foods! Checkout the freezer section at the grocery store. TONS of ww meals. (And I love them!) They also have cereal,candy etc......
  8. I should try weight watchers, but I heard its very slow weight loss, I just am impatient grrrr
  9. Cristina, I think you are right, but I think right now I really need some major guidance. Sunshine, again, I had no idea all that was at the grocery store!
    I'm just a little afraid of the freedom of doing it myself. Also being a vegetarian is a bit of an issue, something i'll need to look into more.
  10. I do agree that if you're a bit afraid of going at it alone, you might not know what to buy, what to cook, etc. But I'm with Sunshine - there are WW and South Beach diet meals, snacks, etc., available at the grocery store. I wouldn't completely rely on these prepackaged meals, but they will put you on the right track. Give it some time, and soon you'll know exactly what to buy and what to make. I basically have my grocery list mentally programmed in my head. When I go, I know what to buy, and rarely stray from the healthy foods I normally get, unless it's a special occasion.

    Good luck! I know you can do it :nuts:
  11. It is always about moderation, which WW and SouthB focus on more than other I think.

    I would keep researching it- I have never tired any of these meals, but as long as you are sensible, you can do wonders :yes:
  12. I would say look into WW. I tried a couple NutriSystem and they were nasty and small. Of course if you starve yourself you'll lose weight, which is basically what NutriSystem would have made me do. One guy told me he thought the one he tried tasted like an old shoe so he just threw it away and therefore ate zero calories for that meal. But yeah, try WW. I still follow it loosely after losing the weight I wanted to lose.
  13. hahah oh my gosh an "old shoe" okay... I'll definitely be avoiding nutri-system. I think before I commit to anything I'm gonna look at the frozen food section's Weight Watchers and maybe even South Beach Diet's selection.
  14. The South Beach Diet meals rock. And that's coming from someone who normally doesn't eat anything frozen except for Amy's organic meals (which are also awesome, by the way!). I get the chicken with penne pasta in red pepper sauce with broccoli. It has 300 calories, 25g protein and 27g carbs. Perfect for lunch with a piece of fruit for dessert. The SB Diet line has a few microwave meals which taste great, and they have wrap kits which are easy to take to the office for lunch :nuts:

  15. oooh nice!! I really hope they have veggie stuff!! *crosses fingers*