Nutmeg Edith Bowler, $664 @ NM

  1. it's gone. I hope a tpf'er got it.:sad:
  2. It's back!!!
  3. I just bought it!!! :yahoo:
    Hopefully my order won't get canceled...
  4. Back up again!
  5. My order went through! This bad boy should be here Monday. Damn. I hate waiting that long, but still excited!!!!!:yahoo:
  6. I just got my package from Neiman Marcus and they sent me the wrong friggin' bag!!!! :cursing: It's Muscade, not the Nutmeg that I ordered. )*)#*$&#$&(*&$(*&#$(

  7. From what I understand the Muscade & Nutmeg are one in the same.
  8. what an awesome deal and great bag. i hope a tpfer got it, if so please post pics!!!
  9. Thanks for posting this,I purchased the same bag on July 11th so I called this morning and had them do a price adjustment,you saved me an extra $200 :yahoo:.