NUTMEG anyone?


finally home
Apr 28, 2006
If anyone has a Nutmeg Paddy, would you mind posting pics and tell me how you like the color? LOVE the photos on NAP but not sure if they're true to color or not....on my screen it appears to have some beigey-champagne undertones. :shrugs: I'm thinking it's just a tad darker than Taupe but not as dark as Muscade? Has anyone seen them anywhere besides NAP?

I have one, but we are not together at the moment, or I would post a pic. I love the color, because I think it most resembles the color of my cognac python silverado bag. I don't think of it as taupe at all.

I just realized you said nutmeg, which as far as I know is the same color as muscade. I have a muscade paddy.
yes, muscade = nutmeg. The NAP pic is a little lighter than the true color. While it isn't a chocolate brown, it is definitely darker than taupe. It has a bit less orange to it than whiskey but not as grey/neutral as taupe. I love the color personally and gave up my tan paddy to buy a muscade hobo!
bluegenie described the color best! I have an Edith in Muscade and expecting a large paddy in Muscade and think the color is great! I took a photo and here is the Edith on the left: