Nuti Manhattan Dune in Black $460

  1. Nice bag, cheetos. The Zefanya bag I told you about is on the sale bags at the Purse Store with an extra 20% off if it's not clearanced at $188.
  2. JNH14: Thanks for the heads-up. I took a look, but I'm not so sure about the style (Mumbai) and color (grey). I really like the Cairo but don't see that around. Plus, I should take a break since I just bought a Gryson on sale there and a Luba J on sale at Bagshop. Will keep looking though! It's so much fun! Also, I picked up a copy of Lucky Magazine. Where has this magazine been all my life? I used to buy the other magazines to look at the styles but so much of the space is taken up by s*x articles.:shame:
  3. This bag is back...just ordered this morning. Called NM and they gave me the dimensions as follows:
    6" wide, 14.5" long, 12" high. 5" handle. Magnetic closure with multiple pockets inside. Think this Manhattan version is smaller than the NY Dune in Brown that I think is still available in a link provided yesterday. I called yesterday to see if they had the dimensions for the NY model....didn't have.
    Have not seen IRL.....hopefully, it's wunnerful. This is my third bag ordered in a week......HELP!!!!
  4. I just had to give an update on this bag....IT'S A PIECE OF ART!
    Yup, I suppose too many of you have black bags and that's why this beauty is still available. There's a larger edition in brown called the NY Dune that's still available (do a search under Nuti and it will pop up) for those that like bigger bags.

    The leather is so soft (nappa lamb) and substantial (not thin) and the gathered body is sewn that way - so it will maintain that look instead of just having the leather hang there in a haphazard way.

    The lining is an orange/tan sueded cotton that is soft to the touch. There is a zippered pocket on one side, three open compartments on the other side (cell phone, etc) and a leather tassle with a clip on the end for your keys. All of the internal hardware is metal, stainless steel (I think) with a nickel finish.

    The shoulder strap is slightly padded and curves to your shoulder. The decorative rings (metal) that attach the strap to the purse is smooth to the touch and is such an elegant/but cool design to the bag. With all this "metal" - you may think the bag is heavy, but it isn't at all.

    Now, it gets better......there is a gusset along the side and bottom of the bag for expansion. At first, I didn't even notice this....but as I was putting my "stuff" in the bag, noticed that the bottom could expand. So - if you carry a little bit of stuff, the bag will look slimmer....if you stuff it more, it will expand, but still look lovely.

    It rests nicely on my shoulder and can still be carried by your hand or on the crook of your arm.

    There is no logo/name on the exterior of this bag......IMO, a great feature.

    It's handmade in Italy, AND you can tell. A timeless bag....I think it can be either elegant or edgy.

    Hope someone else will love this bag too and forgive me for going on and on...sure beats a lot of those fancy bags with fancy names and fancy prices:yes: